Best Bike Rack for Honda Accord

Honda Accord bike racks that offer any form of stability and security for your bikes are actually really difficult to come by without extensive research.

You may found, as I have, that the majority of bike racks just simply don’t fit right and seem to vibrate considerably whenever you’re driving anywhere, let alone on a bumpy road.

“I’ve spent a long time and a lot of money on racks that don’t do half the job that this masterpiece does – it fits perfectly and didn’t cost too much either!”

Despite the Accord being one of America’s most popular cars of today the majority of them simply don’t fit and pose a serious risk to any bikes mounted on the back of them.

If you’ve been lucky, you will have come across my post early in your search and hopefully not spend hundreds of dollars on poor models that simply don’t do the job that they say they do.

Let me put this straight right away, there is actually a bike rack out there that fits Honda Accords like a glove and secures your bikes to it perfectly, without any performance issues.

Hollywood Racks are a bike rack manufacturer that hails from America and have been constructing some of the highest rated bike racks on Amazon for many years now.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack For Honda Accord

In actual fact, they have been around for decades now and are one of the most respectable brands in the industry without a doubt.

One of my favorite things about Hollywood Racks is that they don’t only produce fantastic bike racks for Honda Accord models, but their racks are actually specifically designed to fit almost any type of vehicle.

This one feature is brilliant if you own more than one car and think that you may need to use your rack on another of your vehicles.

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Trunk Mount Bike Rack For Honda Accord

When my Honda Accord bike rack first arrived I got it straight out of its packaging and was shocked when I saw just how easy it was going to be to install.

Most of the work had been done for me by the lovely people over at Hollywood Racks, all that was left for me to do was to fit a total of six (yes, only six) straps to my Accord and I was ready to go.

I chose to purchase the three bike version (there is a rack that holds only two bikes too) and so I immediately set upon attaching my bikes.

Installation Video


Color Multi Color
Department Car Bike Racks
Item Dimensions 30.1 x 5.7 x 20.3 Inches
Item Display Weight 11.75 Pounds
Shipping Weight 12 Pounds
Size 3 Bikes
Sport Type Cycling
Style Name 3 Bike Trunk Rack
The whole process from start to finish took under twenty minutes and I was out on the road straight after.
One thing that really grinds my gears about most of the cheap bike racks that are available today is the fact that they don’t hold your bikes securely enough.
What ends up happening in these situations is that your bikes, and potentially car, get damaged – scratched and bumped – continually as you drive.


Concluding Remarks

If you own expensive bikes like me, the last thing you want happening is getting dents on the frames of them.

Hollywood Racks have managed to achieve this awesome feat by installing an anti-sway mechanism that prevents any sort of movement by your bikes, no matter what sort of bumpy road you might find yourself driving over. Your bikes should always remain perfectly in place and I can’t for the life of me see any reason why they wouldn’t either.

Another cool feature about this particular bike rack for your Honda Accord is that when it is not required it can be removed from the car quick and flat packed away too. Most bike racks, cheaper and more expensive models, are usually quite bulky and are a pain to store anywhere – this just simply isn’t the case here and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.



Fits any vehicle

Easy to fit and adjust

Will not damage your vehicle

Holds either 2 or 3 bikes


Flat folding

Lifetime warranty

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