Best Bike Rack for Honda CR-V

What is the best bike rack for Honda CR-V models I can hear you all asking?

This is a very difficult question to answer simply because of the sheer diversity of bike racks that are available for this model.

Add to this the fact that there are a large number of different shapes and sizes that they can come in, each with different fitting mechanisms and you have a very complicated decision to make.

“The Hollywood Racks latest three bike rack is perfect – it fits firmly onto my CR-V and protects my bikes from any damage due to the world renowned vibration absorption technology in place!”

This is often the issue with most compact SUV style vehicles that can utilize both trunk mounted bike racks and hitch mounted bike racks.

However, you would have imagined (as I did) that with the Honda CR-V being such a popular car in America and indeed across the entirety of the world that there would be a few good options that are easy to source.

Unfortunately, nothing in life comes that easily and certainly not in the world of bike racks.

I’m going to be breaking down what exactly you should be looking for in a bike rack for your Honda CR-V and indicating what model I think would be ideal for you.

The first consideration that you should always make when selecting a bike rack is deciding how many bikes you are planning on transporting using your rack.

Whether that is one, two, three or five – there are a lot of different models available and generally the more bikes you require racking the more you will be expecting to pay for your rack.

Secondly you should have a price that you are willing to pay in mind, the rack that I personally recommend for Honda CR-V models is cheap and costs less than seventy dollars – so shouldn’t break your bank at all.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack For Honda CR-V

However, there are a lot of other models available and you should try to avoid paying a premium when it comes to a bike rack as it simply isn’t necessary most of the time (unless you have a whole platoon of bikes to carry on your vehicle).

Next you should always bare in mind the types of bikes you need to transport too, some have thicker frames than others and some are just larger in general.

You should always bare this in mind whenever considering which bike rack to buy for your Honda CR-V.

More Questions & Answers

Trunk Mount Bike Rack For Honda CR-V

When it comes to selecting the individual bike rack itself it’s difficult to narrow down your options due to the considerable amount available, as I alluded to earlier.

The racks themselves come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and prices too. Fortunately, most bike racks are suitable for the Honda CR-V due to the fact that it fits trunk and hitch based mechanisms to it.

Hitch racks are extremely common among SUVs and they are fairly easy to attach too.

There are various different types of hitch racks that will fit your CR-V; class 2, class 3 and finally class 4.

The beauty of hitch racks is that they are specifically designed to be suitable for a large number of bikes, so if you are planning on holding plenty then this could be the option for you.

Installation Video


Color Multi Color
Department Car Bike Racks
Item Dimensions 30.1 x 5.7 x 20.3 Inches
Item Display Weight 11.75 Pounds
Shipping Weight 12 Pounds
Size 3 Bikes
Sport Type Cycling
Style Name 3 Bike Trunk Rack
The only alternative that offers more holding capacity than a hitch rack is the roof rack.
Obviously this will mount to the roof of your CR-V and while it’s not the most aesthetically appealing option, it is ultimately the best way for you to carry a significant amount of bikes – up to 8 in some cases!
Your Honda CR-V is equipped with the capacity to hold a roof rack and this method essentially involves the bikes being strapped down to the roof of your car.
Finally, trunk racks are the final option, they are generally regarded as being the lightest and most flexible option – perfect for Honda CR-V owners too.
Generally trunk racks can only hold around three bikes to them, but they are the safest option too and my preferred option.


Concluding Remarks

As I said previously, my favorite option is the trunk mount option of bike rack.

If I had to select a particular model I would almost certainly pick Hollywood Racks latest three bike offering.

Perfect for biking enthusiasts that can rest assured that their bikes will not become damaged on the road due to their exceptional safety and anti vibration mechanisms in place.

I regularly point my friends towards this bike rack for the sole reason that it not only fits most SUVs but it also fits essentially any vehicle.

It is the perfect rack and is available for a relatively cheap price too.



Fits any vehicle

Easy to fit and adjust

Will not damage your vehicle

Holds either 2 or 3 bikes


Flat folding

Lifetime warranty

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  1. Thank you. I am about to purchase my first CRV. When I take my kid on play dates we are often asked to bring his bike along. I am too short for a roof rack so this helps a lot.

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