Best Cheap Fixie Bikes

The best cheap fixie bike is the Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike for the majority of people out there. These bikes are particularly great models for people that are looking to spending only a small sum of money but get an awful lot of bike for it, in other words – an exceptional bang for your buck! So many people get confused and stuck in the detail of specifications and what not when it comes to selecting the ideal model, however I feel like you need to go with a trusted manufacturer that has been tried and tested. This is exactly what you get here.

best cheap fixie bikes

The X features a sturdy steel frame, some high quality walled rims that are unlikely to sustain any sort of damage whatsoever. You can also purchase this gorgeous model in a wide range of different colors so that there is guaranteed to be the perfect design for each of you. Personally I would highly recommend that you check out the green, blue and dark red versions of the bike.

What are the best cheap fixie bikes I can hear you all asking. Well, before I delve into answering that question, it’s probably best that I define what a fixie bike is first. A fixie bikes are extremely simple road bikes that have no capability of free wheeling, this essentially means that you have to pedal to get anywhere on them. Sometimes you will hear people referring to fixies as fixed gear bicycles. Below you will find a list of Amazon’s current top 5 cheap fixie bikes.

Now that you’ve viewed some of the best cheap fixie bikes on Amazon we are going to spend some time reviewing each of our favorites too. I will be providing you with everything you could possibly require to make an informed decision when deciding on what bike you should purchase next.

Best Budget Fixie Bikes

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike

Without a doubt this is one of our favorite cheap fixie bikes, even though it only costs very little. The bike is obviously extremely good looking right out of the box, it has a relatively simple design that we absolutely love and it has been specifically designed to be ideal for recreational riding too. Not only that, but we believe that Critical Cycles have done a fantastic job at ensuring that their latest fixed gear road bike is more than capable of being used as a daily driver on commutes to and from work in urban cities.

Not only that but you can also pick up this stunning bike in a variety of different colors too, this is clearly a large selling point for many of us who are keen to purchase a bike we love the aesthetics of. Another thing that I was super keen about was the fact that this model has an extremely sturdy frame and a flip-flop hub to match, this essentially enables you to ride your bike as either a single speed bike or a fixed gear bike – perfect for those of us who like a little bit of variety on our travels.

Another key thing that we loved about Critical Cycles’ latest offering is the fact that they have ensured that each component has been manufactured by some high quality brands. Examples of these brands include KMC, Kenda, Protek, Well-Go and Promax too. I think that this is always a good sign to see when you’re on the hunt for your next bike, it’s all too often that you see a gorgeous bike but then look a little closer and realise that it’s been constructed out of cheap parts. This couldn’t be any more true than when you are looking at cheap fixie bikes, but luckily there are some examples of fantastic cheap bikes out there that are still built out of the top quality components we’re all searching for.

Another great feature that Critical Cycles have clearly spent some time working on implementing is the fact that you can get this bike up and running fairly quickly. As soon as it arrived at our depot we spent approximately half an hour to an hour putting it together using the tools that Critical Cycles provided. Even some of the best cheap fixie bikes don’t come so well prepared and if you don’t have the tools in these instances you may find yourself having to go to the local hardware store to pick some up – another unnecessary expense that none of us need. The tool box provided comes with various sizes of Allen key and a wrench too, these can be used to put the bike together and of course to maintain it in the future too.

If you would like to read more about this gorgeous fixie bike, please follow the link below to read our full review:

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Takara Kabuto Fixed Gear Road Bike

I’ve spent an awful long time riding bikes and feel that I am somewhat of an expert at finding a great deal when I see one. The Takara Kabuto is a single speed road bike that really does outperform all of the others in its price bracket. While its aesthetic looks are not for everyone, I personally love them and the fact that you can pick one up in a variety of different colors. I first reviewed this gorgeous model a few years back now and thought it was brilliant then, I still maintain my model and ride it whenever I don’t feel like taking one of my geared bikes out.

Takara have produced a well built bike that will almost certainly last you a few years so long as you don’t treat it too badly. Each component has been carefully selected and does the required job perfect. While there are certainly many “better” models out there, you can expect to pay an awful lot more money for these. The Kabuto is one of the best cheap fixie bikes around today and I feel that it will stay there for many years to come too. The Takara Kabuto, like many of its kind, comes complete with a flip-flop hub so that it can be rode in a traditional freewheeling way or also utilizing the fixed gear method too.

I think that this particular bike is well suited to a diverse array of people, it’s fully adjustable for a range of body proportions, it’s fully aerodynamic and is quite lightweight too. There really isn’t much that it can’t do if I’m honest, and it looks really cool on the roads too. If I had to complain about it, I’d say that the pedals aren’t the best shape and the saddle isn’t the most comfortable, but I would certainly be nit picking to say that least.

If you would like to read more about this gorgeous fixie bike, please follow the link below to read our full review:

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Vilano Fixed Gear Road Bike

If you have read many of my reviews in the past, particularly any of my Vilano Road Bike Reviews, then you will know that I have been increasingly impressed with the brand’s offerings in recent years. They not only produce some of the finest road bikes around, they’ve also made a few of my favorite budget fixie bikes too and indeed some of my favorite folding bikes as well.

Vilano’s fixed gear models are all fitted with the latest flip-flop hubs, as is common in the majority of models you see around today. You will easily be able to switch between the two modes on this bike, however it is not particularly advisable to do this repeatedly while riding as it will eventually wear down the mechanism in place.

For me, the Vilano fixies are some of the finest looking models on the market today, they’re always of a fairly minimalistic design and aren’t too garish. While I am more than partial for bright colors on bikes, sometimes you come across a really plain bike that just ticks all of the boxes – this is exactly how I feel about this jawdropping model.

A few people hat I have spoken to regarding the bike have told me that the tires aren’t thin enough, but I think they are absolutely fine. Even if this was the case, it’s easy to replace them for under fourty dollars and so for the money I think that Vilano have done a truly stellar job here. The bike is made to last, it doesn’t weigh very much and it is capable of getting to high speeds with relative ease too. The ride itself is beautifully smooth and I don’t say that all too often about budget fixie bikes to be honest.

If you would like to read more about this gorgeous fixie bike, please follow the link below to read our full review:

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Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike

Another absolutely exceptional fixed gear bike is the stunning example from Pure Fix Cycles, I don’t want to dwell too much on this particular model because I think that the bikes I mentioned previously are slightly better than this model. However, this fixed gear (or single speed – whatever tickles your fancy) road bike is designed to be another high performing model for those of us on shoe string budgets.

While it certainly isn’t the cheapest fixed gear bike on this list, it is still well under the average price paid for one of these bikes and so it’s definitely worth a mention in my eyes. The bike has a minimalist design that is fairly similar to the Vilano, it is also very light and easy to maneuvre around. The braking mechanism performs well and you will find yourself in a comfortable posture as you navigate around too, I think my one concern about it is that it doesn’t have big brand names behind any of the components it uses.

Now, this isn’t always the be all and end all, but it is an indication that the bike may not last quite as long as you would like. I personally would recommend choosing one of the models above, however if those don’t excite you then this isn’t a bad second option by any means. You can pick one of these Pure Fix Cycles fixed gear bikes up in various different colors and shades, it has a few customizable features on it too for those of us who like to play around with our bikes’ specifications. You can easily put the bike together once it arrives at your house, we managed to in around fifteen to twenty minutes and can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to either.

All in all the ride was quite smooth, it clearly isn’t as efficient as any of the bikes above, but it does a good job for a fixed gear bike for sure. For the money this is definitely one of the best cheap fixed gear bikes around and it will be extremely hard for any of the big brand names to beat too.

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