Best Folding Bike for Commuting – Brompton S6L

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 08/17/20 •  5 min read

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If you’re looking for the best folding bike for commuting then the Brompton S6L is our top pick!

Best Folding Bike for Commuting

Folded Size: 59 x 57 x 27 cm | Gears: 2 x 3 | Claimed weight: approx. 12 kg | Sizes: One size

It’s a dependable mode of transportation that can be folded easily and stored safely in the corner of your office or at home after work.

Folding bikes are all the rage because they offer so much versatility. You don’t have to worry about locking up your bike.

They take you where you want to go without getting stuck in traffic or swallowing up a large area for no good reason.


Foldable bikes are reliable and compact. Read ahead for more information about the best folding bike for commuting.

Pros and Cons at a Glance

By weighing the advantages and drawbacks of the S6L, you can decide if it really is the best folding bike for commuting.



The Brompton S6L Tempest: An Overview

The S6L folding bike is a user-friendly bike that folds quickly and effortlessly.

Designed for easy commutes, fun travels, and easy storage, the S6L offers many great benefits.

Its steel build makes it lightweight, and easy to fold. Once folded, you can take it with you on almost any public transport.


The main bike frame and handlebar stem are both made of steel. Steel is easier to work with and shape compared with other materials.

At the same time, it provides a denser and stronger build.

The rear triangle and the front forks are also made of steel. This ensures great handling of most types of terrain.

It also boosts the bike’s balance to give you a better riding experience.

Ride with Ease

With 2 derailleur gears and 3-speed wide-ratio hub gear at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about speed.

This Brompton Wide Ratio (BWR) gives a total of 6 speeds, as well as a top-quality 302% gear range.

The BWR spaces out the gear range evenly over the six gears.

The derailleur chain tensioner reduces both the vibration and the noise of the chain.

They also boost the quality of the drive components and reduce the wear and tear of the chain.

The 50T front chainring transmits your pedaling energy to the rear wheel via the chain.

The gears use a 13/16T rear sprocket. The sprocket engages with the chain to increase acceleration and enhance the stability of the bike.

The 100 link Brompton chain is a standard fit for Brompton 6-speed folding bikes.

You’ll also find it comes with an SRAM powerlink. It’s a great feature that makes it easy to connect the chain. You won’t even need any tools.

Sit Up Tall

The seat is a standard seat post.

It’s suited for those with an 84 cm inner leg measurement.

For those with inner leg measurements over 84 cm, an extended length seat post can be fitted without any extra costs.

Why is the Brompton S6L the Best Folding Bike for Commuting?

Keep reading for more information on the top 3 selling features of the S6L.

Patented Folding Mechanism

Brompton’s unique folding mechanism makes this bike simple to use. It folds quickly in under a minute.

The best part is you don’t have to trouble yourself with any complicated steps.

The S6L is user-friendly and hassle-free. Once it’s folded, its small size makes it easy to carry and store.


You can take it with you on almost all public transport.

It can also be taken inside with you to your office, restaurant, and home without taking up space. This also reduces the risk of it getting stolen.

At the same time, Brompton made sure the easy-folding feature doesn’t compromise its speed.

This bike can definitely handle itself on all kinds of terrains.

The Wheels on the Bike

The S6L comes with high-quality Brompton Kevlar tires.

They’re 16 x 1 3/8 inches. They provide excellent maneuverability and acceleration through the busy city streets.

Both tires are fitted with reflective sidewalls. This is a safety precaution to make you easily seen by cars whenever you’re riding at low visibility.

The wheels are 16 inches with double-wall rims. They provide the S6L with a sturdy and smooth ride.

They come with 28 rigid steel spokes for added durability. The wheels come with Schrader 8 mm valves.

The wheels themselves are ETRTO size 349, which are resistant to punctures. They’re perfect for easy maneuvering through busy city streets.

The suspension on the S6L increases its traction on any type of terrain. It also offers better control and a more comfortable ride.


The Brompton S6L features Brompton’s S-type handlebar for a more responsive ride.

It’s sleek and aerodynamic, giving you a smooth ride every time.

The handlebar stem comes in Tempest Blue, which gives the S6L a stylish appeal.

While the handlebar is made of steel, the grips on the handlebar are made of foam. The steel boosts its sturdiness and stability.

The foam is soft to the touch but offers a firm grip.


The Brompton S6L is one of the best folding bikes for commuting.

It can be folded up into a nice compact size, carried around, and easily stored.

One of its best features is how easy it is to ride and control.

With the S6L, you get a smooth, stable ride over almost all types of terrains.

Its six gears make going up hills relatively easy compared with other models.

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