Folding Electric Bike | Best Electric Folding Bikes 2022

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Folding electric bikes are fairly small and compact, so they can be easily stored away at the office or home.

Not only that, the best folding electric bikes often cost less than the equivalent standard road or mountain bike.

All in all they are the perfect hybrid style bike for commuters in an urban or suburban city.

Folding Electric Bike
Photo courtesy of Brompton Bikes

Below is a list of our top picks available on the market today.

Best Folding Electric Bike 2022 – DJ

Best Folding Electric Bike

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The DJ Electric Folding Bike is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy way of commuting.

First of all, let’s talk about safety.

The DJ folding electric bike passed UL 2489 tests, just like all DJ bikes.

This test is the most recognizable safety standard in the industry in both the United States and Canada.

For this particular model, the motor, frame, battery and charger met the UL standards.

You may not regard this information as very important, but it’s pretty crucial for performance safety.

Moving on to the more “juicy” bits, this DJ folding electric bike clocks in at a remarkable power of 750W.

This extends to 1000W in motor and battery.

The DJ can help you smoothly tackle long and steep hills, which isn’t very common with other electric bicycles.

It features a motor with a 1000W peak power, so you won’t have issues conquering just about any terrain.

Keep in mind, however, that its wheels and tires may not be optimal for rougher terrain.

The frame, though, is a different story as it’s constructed out of sporty stainless aluminum.

This makes it durable and resistant, so it can definitely handle some beating depending on the loaded weight.

The DJ folding electric bike is equipped with an LG lithium 48V 13Ah battery and a charger.

You can recharge the battery while it’s still attached or you can take it off to recharge separately.

The battery also comes with a key lock to prevent thieves from stealing it while you’re parked outside.

The DJ ebike includes Kenda all-purpose tires of 20″ × 4″ size.

These are stable and non-slippery, but you’ll need to watch out for bumpy roads.

The maximum throttle speed is limited by the controller to 23 mph (32 km/h) according to the US laws.

That said, a simple configuration can increase the speed limit up to 27 mph (40 km/h).

As for the folding, it’s done manually yet it’s very simple and doesn’t take much time.

You just need to fold the handlebar post backward then fold the frame in half.

  • Folding size: 43″ × 22″ × 28″ (109 × 56 × 71 cm)
  • Gears: Shimano 7-gear system
  • Claimed weight: 57 pounds (26kg)
  • Max weight capacity: 225 pounds (102 kg)
  • Top speed: 23 mph (32 km/h) according to USA laws, 27 mph (40 km/h) elsewhere
  • Range: 30 – 50 miles (48 – 80 km)
  • Sizes: one size

Best Folding Electric Commuter Bike – Aceshin 26″ MTB

Folding Electric Mountain Bike

This is a great option if you need a quality electric commuter bike but don’t want to break the bank.

In fact, the Aceshin electric bike comes in at about half the cost of the DJ bike reviewed above.

Features include a durable and rust-resistant aluminum frame constructed to suit a wide range of terrain.

The 26″ front and rear wheels are made from double-layer aluminum alloy for added strength.

It also features a front suspension fork made from sturdy carbon steel.

The Aceshin utilizes a 36V 8Ah lithium battery that you can easily detach from the frame for charging.

It takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery, and the range of a single charge depends on what assist mode you pick:

  • In pure electric mode it has a 14 mile (25km) range
  • In pedal-assist mode the range increases to 31 miles (50km)

The maximum speed delivered by this ebike falls is around 15.5 mph (25 km/h) to 18.6 mph (30 km/h).

As an entry-level electric mountain bike, the Aceshin bike offers riders 2 working modes: electric-only and paddle assisted.

Both modes are supported by a reliable 250 watt brushless rear hub motor.

You can use the built-in smart meter button to select the level of assistance you need (low, mid, high).

Alternatively you can just push the red button to generate a boost with or without pedaling.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of nighttime riding, the bright LED headlight will give you a clearer vision of the road, while the red reflector and yellow wheel reflectors will deliver extra protection.

  • Folding size: 34.3″ × 35.9″ (88 × 92 cm)
  • Gears: 21-transmission gears
  • Claimed weight: 52 pounds (23.6 kg)
  • Max weight capacity: 331 pounds (150 kg)
  • Top speed: 15.5 mph (25 km/h) to 18.6 mph (30 km/h)
  • Range: 14 – 31 miles (25 – 50 km)
  • Sizes: one size

Best Budget Folding Electric Bike – Fiido L2

Folding Electric Bike

At first glance, you may be quick to brush off the Fiido L2 Folding Electric Bicycle and view it as subpar compared to the usual electric bike models available on the market nowadays.

However, it has lots of awesome features to enhance your commute experience if you just take a closer look.

Granted, the Fiido L2 doesn’t match the standard criteria in terms of an ebike appearance, at least in the West.

Instead, it carries a design inspired by the incredibly popular ebikes of East Asia with smaller wheels, moped-style suspension, a large battery, and seats for two.

Despite its relatively unattractive look, the Fiido L2 offers a bunch of unique aspects that set it apart from other folding electric bikes.

For one, this ebike is equipped with dual rear shocks and a spring saddle.

These, together with the standard front suspension, give you a smooth ride even on dirt trails.

The Fiido L2 also features a powerful 350W rear hub motor and a highly capable 48V 20Ah lithium barrage.

At almost 1000Wh, this battery is 3 or 4× the size of many budget ebike batteries and has twice the capacity that you can find on most entry-level electric bikes.

Another special feature about the Fiido L2 folding electric bike is how it’s designed with utility in mind.

The rear rack also carries a padded seat, which means you can have an extra passenger onboard and not only a cargo box back there.

There are no footpegs, but the passenger can just place their feet on the rear axle stubs.

As for build-quality, the Fiido L2 is as solid as they come, especially for such a budget-friendly price.

The frame is made of durable aluminum alloy with proper welds and a stable folding mechanism.

Moreover, the Fiido L2 includes an LED display, front and rear LED lights, electric horn, and a cellphone holder with a USB charger.

  • Folding size: 30.3″ × 16.9″ × 26.3″ (77 × 43 × 67 cm)
  • Gears: 3 gears
  • Claimed weight: 59.5 pounds (27 kg)
  • Max weight capacity: 275 pounds (125 kg)
  • Top speed: 15 mph (25 km)
  • Range: 99 – 118 miles (160 – 190 km)
  • Sizes: one size

Best Lightweight Folding Ebike – Qualisports

Qualisports Folding Electric Bicycle

Next up is another high-quality folding electric bike with a bit more extra versatility when it comes to riding styles to suit a wider range of users.

The Qualisports Electric Ebike Volador features a quiet yet powerful 350W brushless motor that’s capable of effortlessly conquering inclines of up to 18 degrees, as well as pushing this ebike to a maximum speed up to 20mph (32 km/h).

Such an impressive amount of torque coupled with the grippy 20″ air-filled tires make this ebike a good candidate for climbing hills.

The Qualisports Volador is also equipped with a beefy 36V 7Ah Samsung battery, which allows it to deliver a decent speed of up to 25 miles (40km).

Of course, you can get an extended range, a longer battery life, and a faster top speed if you’re willing to participate in an assisted mode.

Speaking of which, you can choose between 4 riding modes: pedal assist, pedal only, throttle only, and cruise control.

This premium lithium-ion battery also allows for a remarkably quick charge time of only 3 hours, which means that the Qualisports Volador is the fastest charging folding electric bike we reviewed today.

What makes this even more impressive, is that the Volador doesn’t sacrifice overall power and range for speedy charging, unlike most fast-charging electric bikes on the market.

As for the design of the Qualisports Volador, the frame is forged from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy to produce an ebike that weighs just 36 pounds (16.3 kg) while supporting a load weight of up to 220 pounds (100 kg).

That’s 6× its own weight!

Additionally, when you fold the Volador, you can actually push the seat tube through the frame to serve as a makeshift chair.

This is a handy feature to use during your daily commute or while you wait for a bus or train.

If you suffer from mobility issues, you’ll be glad to know the frame on this folding electric bike is a low-profile, walk-through style so you won’t have to hoist your leg over a high frame.

This UL approved folding electric bike also features include:

  • LCD display
  • Adjustable seat/ handlebar
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Fender kit
  • Bell
  • Tool bag
  • Folding size: 32.8″ × 15.75″ × 26.38″ (83 × 40 × 67 cm)
  • Gears: 7-speed mechanical gear system
  • Claimed weight: 36 pounds (16.3 kg)
  • Max weight capacity: 220 pounds (100 kg)
  • Top speed: 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Range: 25+ miles (40 km)
  • Sizes: one size

Brompton Electric Bike


Handmade in London since 1975, the Brompton Electric Folding Bike is exactly what comes to mind when the words “high-end” and “foldable electric bike” are mentioned.

The first thing you notice looking at this beauty is the absence of the 36V 8.55Ah battery on the frame.

While most ebike designers struggle with the right place to put their massive batteries and whether or not to make them detachable for easy charging, Brompton went for a more practical solution.

With this bike, the battery fits in a compact shoulder bag that conveniently snaps onto the front of the bike, not hidden inside the tubing or fastened onto the rear carrier.

Included in the purchase, you’ll get a 1.5-liter Essential bag to house the 300Wh battery, which delivers a decent range between 20 to 45 miles (30 to 70 km) depending on how and where you ride.

The bag features an outer pocket for the charger and some of your gadgets, however you can’t plug the battery into the bike without the bag.

On top of the battery, there’s 2 buttons for engaging the power assist modes and toggling the front/rear LED lights.

There are also indicator lights that show the power mode, the lighting status, and how much battery life is remaining.

The Brompton Electric Folding Bike adopts a steel frame that supports a maximum load of 242 pounds (110 kg).

Besides the two 16″ wheels, the company also added 3 extra small wheels (2 behind the seat post and 1 on top of the rear fender).

This allows you to pull the bike like a piece of luggage using the handlebar when folded.

  • Folding size: 22.2″ × 23″ × 10.6″ (56.5 × 58.5 × 27 cm)
  • Gears: 2-speed / 6-speed
  • Claimed weight: 36.6 pounds (16.6 kg) / 38.3 pounds (17.4 kg)
  • Max weight capacity: 242 pounds (110 kg)
  • Top speed: 15 mph (25 km)
  • Range: 20 – 45 miles (30 – 70 km)
  • Sizes: standard / extended / telescopic

Final Thoughts

Many of my friends are the type of cyclists that find themselves using the bike on and off throughout the year.

Whenever the weather is bad they will use that as an excuse not to ride it.

Similarly, whenever it’s too hot outside they will say that they don’t want to be severely perspiring on the way through the door to work either.

These are valid points but I think that there are definitely ways to prevent them from occurring.

These issues have in recent years been completely circumvented by the introduction of more and more sophisticated folding electric bikes.

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