Best Folding Tricycle 2022

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 08/16/20 •  5 min read

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Are you looking for the best folding tricycle on the market today?

Read our in-depth review of the SLSY adult tricycle now and find out why it’s our top pick for 2022!

In searching for the best folding tricycle, most models are usually designed for young riders only.

It’s hard to find one that fits both adults and children. This is why the SLSY Unisex Folding Tricycle stands out.

It doesn’t only give you the tricycle support you’re looking for but you can also fold and unfold it with ease.

This way you can transport and carry your trike with ease. Moreover, it doesn’t take much storage space compared to regular bikes.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed review of the best folding tricycle SLSY unisex.

Keep on reading to get to know its features and what makes it a special trike.

Best Folding Tricycle: SLSY Adult Tricyle

Slsy Adult Folding Tricycles, 7 Speed Folding...
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Slsy Adult Folding Tricycles, 7 Speed Folding...
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This is a unisex blue trike that is suitable for anyone 12 years old or older.

It’s especially suitable for seniors in their 70s and 80s, who can ride it with ease, as well as children with balancing issues and special needs.


The trike has a Shimano seven speed rear derailleur and a one-piece front crank.

Though this can be limiting for some bikers, it ensures safe rides, with fewer risks or accidents.

It doesn’t fit steep or rocky roads but on even grounds, it’ll make you enjoy a smooth stable cruising ride.

Brakes and Wheels

As for the brakes, the tricycle has a powerful direct-pull V-brake and a parking brake that makes mounting the trike a breeze.

Moreover, its low-cut frame is made of folding steel and it has a steel fork for suspension.

Both of these items come with a lifetime warranty.

The wheels are available in 20″, 24″ and 26″ depending on your height.

Saddle and Handlebars

The trike also comes with a front fender to reduce the amount of water and mud that can get sprayed on you and your trike.

It has a large spring saddle to provide comfort even for long rides.

Moreover, its comforting cruiser handlebars and steel stem are easy to adjust.

They help you have a comfortable riding position along the way.

Folding Style

What makes the SLSY tricycle stands out is its folding style.

It makes moving the trike from one place to another or storing it an easy job.

To fold it in half you only need to twist and pull the release lever.

Furthermore, the quick-release handlebars can be folded down by using the lever on the stem.

This folding tricycle comes with a rear basket for light cargo, grocery bags, or even for your little puppy.

It also comes with a bell and a chain guard to make it a complete set that is ready to go on the road.


Why is the SLSY our pick for the Best Folding Tricycle?

There are 3 main features that make the Mantis trike one of the special tricycles.

These features are its folding style as well as being safe and convenient.

Folding Style

The SLSY trike when folded is half its original length.

This doesn’t only make it easy to store and transport but there are many other advantages to this feature.

Folding your trike also allows you to easily park it wherever you want.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about pushing your bike along in case of any incident.

The handlebars are also easy to take off due to their quick-release mechanism which minimizes the size of the bike more.


The trike design ensures safety for both young and senior bikers.

Furthermore, it’s suitable for children with balance issues or special needs.

It’s also a safe choice for elders who can no longer ride a regular bike.

This allows you to ride with ease in paved and even grounds.

The trike also has cruiser handlebars that provide you with good visibility of the road ahead.

They also give comfortable riding and wrist position for your casual rides.

The trike’s V-brakes are among the most powerful brakes.

They’re usually found in mountain and off-road bikes to provide maximum security.

There’s also the attached chainguard to prevent having your clothes get caught in gear.


There are many aspects that make SLSY trike a convenient choice for many people and different purposes.

One of them is the price, as it’s relatively affordable compared to many alternatives such as special needs bikes.

The trike is also convenient for different ages from 12 and up.

Moreover, it’s suitable for any gender because of its neutral blue color.

The tricycle’s large spring saddle can support different body types and weigh up to 320 pounds.

Foldability allows you to take it when going camping, going to the park, or on summer vacations.

It comes with a small metal basket that you can use to get groceries or take your little dog for a ride.

Final Verdict

The SLSY Adult Tricycle is designed to provide comfortable and safe rides for children and adults alike.

It’s easy to ride as well as to mount and dismount.

When riding this trike, you don’t have to worry about balance or speed throughout your ride.

It gives you the support and balance you need while offering 7 speed gears to tackle different types of terrain including hills.

You also don’t have to worry about storage space and transportation issues anymore.

For these reasons, it’s our choice for the Best Folding Tricycle on the market today!

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