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If you are a BMW owner or a dedicated brand enthusiast who is passionate about bike riding, then the latest BMW folding bike is an excellent option.

In this article, I will review the current BMW Folding Bike; however, for background and context, I will also include my answers to frequently asked BMW bicycle questions and provide some history on the evolution of BMW foldable bicycles over time.

So let’s get started by answering questions about BMW and its involvement in the bicycle world.

Does BMW Produce Bicycles?

Does BMW Produce Bicycles
Does BMW Produce Bicycles?

You may not be aware that BMW has been producing folding bicycles since 2000 and offer a range of other bikes and e-bikes too. 

Who Makes Bicycles For BMW?

While BMW is involved in designing its bicycles, they are made by Specialized, the Italian manufacturer 3T, and Schauff, a German bicycle company.

Does BMW Have An E-Bike?

BMW Ebike
BMW Ebike

BMW has two e-bikes in its range, the Active Hybrid E-Bike (RRP $3,260) and the Urban Hybrid E-Bike (RRP ($2,330). The Active and Urban are high-quality electric bicycles with features such as hydraulic disc brakes, integrated batteries built into the frame, and pedaling sensor technology.

Are BMW bikes worth it?

BMW bikes are worth the investment for BMW brand enthusiasts and owners of a BMW vehicle who would like to purchase a complementary bicycle and benefit from the associated branding and design quality.

One drawback of purchasing a bicycle from a car manufacturer is that they are usually outsourced to build. As a result, you end up paying a premium price, albeit with some neat design and branding features.

I saw something similar when I reviewed the MINI folding bike, so before you make a decision, I recommend comparing the BMW bicycle to these best folding bicycles.

Now with those questions answered, let’s take a closer at what BMW has to offer with its latest folding bicycle.

BMW Folding Bike Review

Anytime I review a foldable bicycle produced by a car manufacturer, I am somewhat skeptical because it’s unlikely they actually made it. Design inputs are probably superficial items such as color, style, and incorporating a company logo.

BMW Folding Bike Review
BMW Folding Bike Review

So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the BMW folding bike is a well-specced model with some distinct design features which are clearly influenced by and unique to BMW:

  1. The folding mechanism is unlike any other I have seen previously. It has a somewhat functional and stylish folding design that uses two handles you lift up and can easily fold the bike away.
  2. The kickstand, which comes as standard, is again a stylish yet functional design that I loved.

Test Ride

I tested the BMW bicycle in various terrains and conditions, varying from flat urban riding to steep climbs and some gravel tracks.

Overall, the BMW folding bike performed on par with many other leading folding bike brands I have tested over the years.

In addition to the bespoke design features I mentioned above, the bike was designed with a 20-inch wheel size, has an 8-speed Shimano Tourney grip shift (which I certainly appreciated on steeper climbs), and v-brakes that provide powerful stopping.

I also liked the quick release for the wheels, which is something we take for granted in regular bicycles but is surprisingly rare on folding bikes. While you may not need to detach the wheels frequently, as the bike can be folded for storage and transport, this is a valuable feature if, for example, you get a puncture.

So, what are the drawbacks of this model?

The BMW folding bike performed remarkably well during my test rides. I recommend it for most riders looking for a stylish foldable bike for urban commuting and leisurely rides.

That said, there is a moderate price premium compared to other top-performing folding bicycles, such as the Zizzo Urbano, so I recommend the BMW over the Zizzo if you are a dedicated BMW fan.

Finally, here’s a great video that I discovered while doing some research on the current BMW folding bike if you want to take a closer look:

BMW Folding Bike Price

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the BMW folding bike is $698, which is relatively affordable and significantly cheaper than previous BMW models, which cost up to $4,000!

BMW Bicycle Range History

In 2000 BMW introduced a line of stylish folding bikes. While BMW had a hand in their design, Schauff, a German bicycle company, produced the bicycle. The BMW Q6.S folding mountain bike shown below was top-of-the-line and retailed for a somewhat pricey $3995. The bike’s main innovation was a front Telelever suspension borrowed from BMW’s motorcycles.

A BMW Q6S XT folding bike (which is now discontinued)

Next in the line was the BMW Q5.T folding bike, shown below. It was intended to be more of a road bike, so it included fenders; it was priced at $2695. It also had full suspension, but its design differed from the Telelever on the Q6.S.

The last folding bike in the line was the BMW Q3.S, it didn’t have the whole suspension systems of the Q6.S or the Q5.T, but it did include a simple front suspension fork and was priced at a much more affordable $995.

A BMW Q5T folding bike

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