Folding Bike Reviews Archive

Over the years we have reviewed some amazing folding bikes! We didn’t want to lose that legacy and therefore have created a folding bikes reviews archive.

This may be useful if you are interested in some older folding bike models on the market which you are thinking of buying second hand.

Some models may still be available to purchase directly from bike retailers or other outlets such as Amazon.

Vilano Omega Folding Bike Review

If you’re keen to get out of the house, the city and into the countryside then what better way than by purchasing yourself a brand new folding bike. Better still, why don’t you select a premium folding bike manufacturer that sells an entry level model. Enter Vilano, a true heavyweight …

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Nashbar TR1 Touring Bike Review

Nashbar TR1 Touring Bike Review

Almost everybody who has owned a road bike or has at least been relatively interested in purchasing one will be fully aware of the brand Nashbar. They are one of the longest standing road bike manufacturers in the industry and are continually pumping out bigger and better bikes almost every …

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MINI Cooper Folding Bike Review

Mini Cooper Folding Bike

MINI Cooper bikes are available through MINI dealers and are styled to match their cars. If you are confused about where the MINI Cooper folding bike comes from, that is, who makes them, you have good reason. Everyone seems to have a slightly different idea. [pullquote align=”full” cite=”An exciting new …

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HASA F3 6 Speed Folding Bike Review

HASA 6 Speed Folding Bike

HASA was established as a brand way back in the early 90’s and while it has remained a relatively unknown brand in the mainstream market, it has been making significant rumblings amongst some of the more veteran riders. The company prides themselves on providing folding bikes with leading technological innovations …

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Sueh Q1 Folding Bike Review

Sueh Q1 Review

While Sueh is a relatively unknown quantity in the folding bike market, they have produced a bike that can’t simply be written off as a result of its extremely low price point. The Sueh Q1 is one of the cheapest folding bikes around, it is described as being perfect for …

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Columba 26″ SP26S Folding Bike Review

Columba SP26S Folding Bike Review

Columba, whilst being one of the more relatively unknown brands in the folding bike market, produce some of the sturdiest full-size models that are currently available. The Columba 26″ SP26S is no different here, this review illustrates its strengths and weaknesses compared to some of the other comparable bicycles. Clearly …

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STRiDA SX Folding Bike Review

STRiDA SX Review

As with all of STRiDA folding bikes, the STRiDA SX is truly in its own class when it comes to design. I personally am not the biggest fan of these A-framed folding bicycles, however many people in the community are. These revolutionary bikes truly demand attention whether on the road …

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Allen Sports Ultra X Folding Bike Review

Allen Sports Ultra X Review

Folding bikes are not typically associated with being the most lightweight folding bikes around, they generally have an assortment of locking mechanisms and additional extras that almost always push the weight up considerably. This however, is most definitely not the case with the Allen Sport Ultra X folding bike, this …

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Durban One Folding Bike Review

Durban One Review

One gear, one thousand possibilities. Quite an ambitious statement by Durban, however this is how they have decided to describe the Durban One – while certainly true to an extent, this review outlines the downfalls of this entry level budget folding bike. [pullquote align=”full” cite=”Not a folding bike that I would …

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