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Best Folding Electric Bikes

Many of my friends are the type of cyclists that find themselves using the bike on and off throughout the year, whenever the weather is bad they will use that as an excuse not to ride it. Similarly, whenever it is too hot outside they will say that they don’t ...

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Best Flat Bar Road Bikes

Many people are completely unaware about what a flat bar road bike is and so it is important for me to make this distinction before we proceed with this review. Flat bar road bikes have slightly lower flat handle bars in comparison to the bars we see on traditional bikes ...

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Best Cheap Fixie Bikes

The best cheap fixie bike is the Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike for the majority of people out there. These bikes are particularly great models for people that are looking to spending only a small sum of money but get an awful lot of bike for it, in other words ...

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Best Cheap Road Bikes

Having spent the majority of my life riding a variety of different bike models, I can honestly say now that I do love purchasing a cheap road bike. There’s an absolute abundance of reasons for this, the main one being that they always seem to over-perform leaving you pleasantly surprised ...

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Best Single Speed Bikes

The never ending debate between cyclists about what style of bike, single speed or multi geared, is the best for tackling the roads continues to rage into 2016. This is the first year where the best single speed bikes are starting to outperform many of their geared counterparts in my ...

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Best Adult Tricycles

Best Adult Tricycle

A growing trend throughout cities around the country is the prevalence of adult tricycles. This comes as a surprise for many, however these people would be extremely surprised how much fun they are to ride and ultimately how useful they are too. People have been using adult tricycles for hundreds ...

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