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Retrospeck Speck Review

Retrospec Speck SS Folding Bike Review

Internationally regarded for their exceptional ability to produce some of the finest looking urban lifestyle based folding bikes, Retrospec has been producing some of the most well known folding bicycles for many years. Formulated in Los Angeles in 2008, the company has grown from strength to strength and today we ...

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Dahon Speed P8 Review

Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike Review

The Dahon Speed P8 is a classic build Dahon folding bike, however this model, as the name suggests, is one of Dahon’s quicker models. The bike itself is designed to be fully functional on a range of different terrains. The tires on this model (Streetpac) are extremely well made, they ...

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Dahon Vitesse i7 Review

Dahon Vitesse i7 Folding Bike Review

The Dahon Vitesse i7 20″ 7-Speed Folding Bike is a wonderful addition to the already expansive list of Dahon bikes on the market. Dahon is the undisputed king of folding bikes in many peoples eyes and so when they release a new bike, there are few that are too hesitant ...

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Dahon MU Uno Review

Dahon MU Uno Folding Bike Review

This Dahon MU Uno review thoroughly outlines why we here at folding bike guy feel that this bike is one of the best folding bikes currently available across the world. The Dahon MU Uno is the more refined version of the Dahon Speed Uno, it is more expensive but boasts ...

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Dahon Speed Uno Review

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike Review

This review of the Dahon Speed Uno is designed to provide people interested in purchasing one of these fantastic folding bikes an opportunity to really see what this particular model has to offer. Below I will be outlining all of the pros and cons of this premium bicycle and hopefully ...

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Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Review

Schwinn Loop 7 Speed Folding Bike Review

This Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Review will focus on the bike’s features, specifications, pros and cons, whilst also giving a background into the Schwinn brand and finally an overall conclusion of our opinion of the bike. If you too own the Schwinn Loop 7-Speed, please do let us know what you ...

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Dahon Mariner D7 Review

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

This Dahon Mariner D7 Review is designed to fully outline all of the pros and cons of this exquisitely styled folding bike from Dahon. Out of all of the folding bikes that I have had the pleasure of riding throughout the years, the Dahon Mariner D7 always springs to mind ...

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