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Columba, whilst being one of the more relatively unknown brands in the folding bike market, produces some of the sturdiest full-size models that are currently available.

 The Columba folding bike is no different here, this review illustrates its strengths and weaknesses compared to some of the other comparable bicycles. 

Clearly, the biggest selling point of this folding bike is its large size, the 26-inch wheels that it comes with are very well-made and extremely durable.

Not only that but because the wheels are so much larger than with your typical folding bike, they are far more quickly across flat ground too. 

In addition to this, they also provide exceptionally more stability due to them being significantly thicker.

Straight out of the box, I decided that the one thing I didn’t like about it was its looks. It certainly isn’t the most exciting-looking bike out there!

Columba Folding Bike

For the money, it’s hard to find better than the Columba 26-inch folding bike. Yes, the SP26S does have its limitations, however, you will find it exceptionally hard to be at this price!

  • Exceptionally well-built and sturdy bike
  • 26-inch tires
  • Fast on flats and hills too
  • More comfortable than most folding bikes
  • 18 gear speeds
  • Can be folded away rapidly
  • Can be stood freely with a kickstand
  • Fairly heavy folding bike
  • Quite large when folded away
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01/29/2024 12:12 am GMT

Columba 26-Inch Folding Bike Review 

”A brilliant bike for the money, despite its downfalls it is high functioning and very durable. Perfect as an entry-level bike for people who are new to the folding bike community!”

The Columba 26-inch folding bike comes with 18 different gear speeds which makes it particularly capable over a variety of different terrains.

As a result, this folding bike would be best suited for somebody looking for a bike that can both combat flats, hills, and off-road terrain.

The bike can be folded away in under 20 seconds and despite its large frame and tires, it folds down to a relatively small size.

Unfortunately, the size becomes a bit of an issue when it comes down to the weight of the bike, 34lbs is quite a substantial amount in comparison to most other models so it is noticeably heavier to carry around with you.

However, it is a manageable weight, just not quite as transportable as some of the smaller 20-inch bicycles around.

One of the benefits that the Columba SP26S boasts is its capacity to freely stand once folded away, due to its alloy kickstand, something that is missing from many bikes out there.

Furthermore, the ride itself is extremely comfortable, its large tires and sturdy frame provide a ride that is most comparable with a normal (non-folding) bicycle. I generally find that folding bikes are more uncomfortable than normal bikes, however, this is certainly not the case here.

It really is difficult to complain about this full-sized bike when taking into consideration its low cost, it is a cheap full-size folding bike that is capable of competing with some of the more expensive models.

The Shimano components of the bike are well-made and very durable, the Columba SP26S won’t be getting damaged easily and it requires very little maintenance too.


  • Available Colors – Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow
  • Frame – Steel
  • Wheels – 26 inch
  • Shifter – 18 speeds
  • Derailleur – Shimano
  • Folded size – 37.9″ x 13.8″ x 28.5″
  • Weight – 34.8lbs
  • Shipping weight – 44 lbs
  • Brakes – Front and rear V-brakes
  • Tires – Kenda 26″ x 1.6″
  • Maximum Rider Weight – Less than 220lbs

Concluding Remarks

Overall I did like the Columba SP26S folding bike, however, there were various downfalls to it that are simply not present on the more expensive bicycles.

This model would make a perfect starting bike for someone looking at purchasing a cheaper model, but if you want a more highly functioning bike you will be looking at spending a little extra.

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