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Cyrusher RD-100 Folding Mountain Bike Review

cyrusher rd-100 folding mountain bike review

The Cyrusher RD-100 is part of a new breed of folding mountain bikes, and it certainly one of the better ones too. Over the past few years we have learnt…


Design - 88%
Functionality - 85%
Durability - 90%
Mobility - 80%
Price - 91%



Gorgeously styled, very durable and extremely good value for money too - don't ignore this beautiful bike if you're looking for a world beating folding mountain bike.

User Rating: 2.95 ( 24 votes)

The Cyrusher RD-100 is part of a new breed of folding mountain bikes, and it certainly one of the better ones too. Over the past few years we have learnt more and more about Cyrusher based folding bicycles and have become increasingly impressed too. These bikes are not only designed using truly quality components, they are designed to impress people looking at it too. One point that I have to make before beginning this review is that if you are planning on taking your bike out in public, expect to be stopped regularly asking what it is – the RD-100 is simply stunning! We previously reviewed the Cyrusher FR-100, you can read all about it here.

It is difficult to find a folding mountain bike to compete with the Cyrusher RD-100, aside from its more experienced older brother - the FR100. A gorgeous bike that packs a punch!

Despite the relatively large lull of activity in the folding mountain bike market, Cyrusher have certainly seized the opportunity and have taken center stage in recent years. There aren’t many viable options for people to choose between, and those that are usually cost an extremely large amount of money. The first thing that I like about Cyrusher is that they haven’t put a hefty price tag on any of their bikes – which they could easily have done. Why? Well, because these folding mountain bikes are extremely high quality pieces of kit that are designed to last and provide endless years of enjoyment too. This 24 geared behemoth stands out among the crowd for a multitude of reasons and simply cannot be beaten for price.

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It has a relatively large number of gear speeds that enable the bike to easily traverse a range of different terrains, as you would expect from a mountain bike. However, the Cyrusher RD-100 outperforms all other folding mountain bikes that I have tested on flats too. The sturdy design has clearly been well thought out and it truly provides riders with a first class experience. Much of this is achieved by the 17″ aluminium frame that the RD-100 boasts, this prevents vibrations from actually reaching the rider in sufficient quantity to pose a problem.

The Cyrusher RD-100 is available in white, orange, green,

Full Review

One thing that all mountain bike riders want to ensure that they have, and they have in abundance is suspension. I’m going to come right out and say that the RD-100 has outstanding suspension and is more than capable of tackling the toughest of paths. We made sure to give the bike a spin on the country path near our house and despite it being extremely difficult terrain, the RD-100 had absolutely no difficulty.

The forks on this bike are well built and are resistant to shock based damage, this is an essential component for those who are seeking to really test their bike to the limits. Similarly, the heavy duty disk brakes function exceptionally well in the wet and the dry, something that is important for those of us who like to take more challenging routes in a variety of weather.

cyrusher rd 100 review

On our test ride we really did grow to love the Cyrusher RD-100. We found that it has an absolutely uncanny ability to stay gripped to the path, much alike with the FR-100 too. However, being a lighter model, it also had the flexibility to make it through more challenging terrain. Once again, Cyrusher have provided an outstanding set of tires with the bike that are very durable and are sure to last a long time. They are puncture resistant and are relatively high pressure, while still allowing a little bit of flexibility too.

Obviously the RD-100 isn’t the most portable of folding bicycles, however it’s fairly lightweight for a folding mountain bike. It’s also very easy to fold away too and Cyrusher have done a brilliant job in reducing the time taken to fold down their bike models, we managed to go from fully mounted to holding the bike in under 20 seconds – perfect for those of us who regularly find ourselves on the move!


Color: Orange/Green/Sliver

Size: 26″ X 17″ (165cm~ 185cm)

Weight: 16-17 KG

Speeds: M310 ALTUS 24 Gears (3X8)

Frame: Cyrusher RD-100 Aluminium Frame in 17″

Fork: Cyrusher XCM Lockout Suspension Aluminium High Quality Fork

Handle Bar: 31.8 Aluminium Pro HanldeBar

End Bar: TW ErgonomicAluminium Handle Bar

Shift Lever: Shimano M310 ALTUS 24

Front Derialleur: M310 ALTUS 24

Rear Derialleur: M310 ALTUS 24

Brakes: TW CSTAR BX-351 High Quality Mechanical Disc Brakes

Crank: TW Prowheel Freewheel: Shimano 24TZ

Rim: Yuemei GM Magnesium Alloy 26″ -6 Spokes

Tires: Chaoyang MTB 26″X1.95

Pedal: Pro MTB Aluminium Pedal

Saddle: Cyrusher Pro Color MTB Seats

Best Available Price: $695


Concluding Remarks

It’s difficult for me to recommend another brand for folding mountain bikes at this current time because Cyrusher really have pushed the boat out here. We absolutely love the RD-100 and it’s one of our favorite mountain bikes to date.


 Beautifully designed

 Sturdy shock absorbers

 Quick shifting gears

 Large number of gears

Very grippy off-road

 Great value for money

 Quality components


 Slightly weighty

 Not easily transported or stored away

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  1. Do you have pictures of the bike folded? How compact does this get?

  2. Can you clarify the differences between the FR100 and the RD100 and which you think is the best option. Regarding weight the Cyrusher website says they are the same and only the Brakes, handlebars and frame are different. Although from pictures the RD100 frame seems thinner Thanks for a great review.

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