Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

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Design - 93%
Functionality - 96%
Durability - 98%
Mobility - 93%
Price - 91%



This bike has a truly excellent design, is extremely well built and comes complete with all the features expected from a top end folding bike. If you have the money, the Dahon Mariner D7 is certainly one you should be checking out. There is a reason for its vast popularity throughout the world.

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This Dahon Mariner D7 Review is designed to fully outline all of the pros and cons of this exquisitely styled folding bike from Dahon.

Out of all of the folding bikes that I have had the pleasure of riding throughout the years, the Dahon Mariner D7 always springs to mind as being one of the finest.

This bike is renowned across the entire world for its build quality and as a result it is to this day one of the most popular folding bikes in existence.

Dahon have done a truly fantastic job in producing this wonderfully exquisite folding bike, it excels in almost every possible region.”

One of the first things that is striking about the Dahon Mariner D7 is its fantastic looks.

The bikes’ silver and grey paint job looks subtle, but at the same time it boasts beautiful aesthetics that are absolutely guaranteed to turn heads on the road.

Dahon have done a truly fantastic job in producing this wonderfully exquisite folding bike, it excels in almost every possible way.

As illustrated by the name it was given, Mariner, this folding bike was actually designed for people using boats as their main mode of transport.

The concept was to make sure any trips across the land were rapid and without issue, enabling a fast method of transporting supplies to and from the boat.

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

As a direct result of this the Dahon Mariner D7 is perfectly ideal for use in the rain, it is completely rust resistant and therefore will last a considerable amount of time without becoming damaged due to rust.

This folding bike is a wonderfully well-rounded specimen that is able to function in a range of environments; ranging from cities to small towns and villages.

The availability of 7 different speeds (gears) enables it to rapidly ascend hills without too much difficulty. 

Folding Mechanism


Furthermore, the bike is designed to fold up into tiny spaces – due to the severely limited restrictions present on most boats in the past.

It is therefore able to fold into a tiny size and extremely quickly too, we clocked it as just under 14 seconds. When folded up the bike can be stood up using its stand, it is therefore at no risk of falling over whatsoever, perfect to store away when not required.

Test Ride


It’s rare these days that I am utterly astounded by many folding bikes, I’ve seen and tried the majority of them.

However, the Dahon Mariner D7 is truly something else – it really stands out as a premium product for the price.

It functions in a wide range of environments, can tackle most hills with ease and is truly useful wherever you go.

The bike is extremely comfortable to ride and easy to fold away.

Following this review I am pulling at straws to find something wrong with it, it is quite literally one of the best bikes for the money.


Folded Size: 10.9″ x 32″ x 25.6″ (27cm x 80cm x 65cm)

Weight: 25.9lbs (11.7kg)

Speeds / Gears: 7 (36″ to 84″)

Gear Shifter: 7 Speed, SRAM – Facilitates rapid shifting

Wheel Size: 20″

Frame Type: KM Series, 7005 Alloy, ViseGrip technology

Brakes: DHV-107

Saddle: VL3057A

Max Rider Weight: 230lbs (105kg)

Best Available Price: 


Concluding Remarks

Thank you for reading my Dahon Mariner D7 review, I hope I have clarified what I thought about the bike. If not then do go ahead and click here to read more customer reviews of this fantastic folding bike. Discover my other Dahon folding bike reviews today.



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[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Well built build that is extremely durable

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Completely rust resistant

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Elegant design that is timelessly stylish

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Designed to be comfortable to ride over long distances

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Ample amount of gears to facilitate easy riding up steep hills

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Doubles out as a portable seat when folded away

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Easily adjustable handle bar height

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Rapid folding motion

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Free touch up paint available to cover any scratches or blemishes



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[intense_icon type=”remove” color=”#960000″] While the bike prevents rust to an extent, it still develops rust over long periods of time

[intense_icon type=”remove” color=”#960000″] Difficult to manoeuvre the bike once folded away


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  1. Thank you for your folding bike reviews and advice on selection of the right kind of bike for each person.
    Is the Dahon Mariner 7 comparable to the Dahon Vitesse D7?

    I think the vitesse has an internal hub gearing mechanism rather than a derailur. Vitesse also seems to be more expensive, but that may not mean better.
    Do you have any experience comparing these two Dahon bikes? Would you recommend one over the other? How about the Dahon Speed 7?

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