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Dahon MU SL Folding Bike Review

Dahon MU SL Review

Without a doubt one of my favorite looking folding bikes at the moment, the Dahon Mu SL is forged out of a ultra sturdy Dalloy Aluminium frame. The bike…


Design - 95%
Functionality - 91%
Durability - 90%
Mobility - 93%
Price - 85%



Not only a beautiful looking folding bike, Dahon's new Mu SL has been meticulously crafted out of high quality components that will last a considerable amount of time. A truly high performance folding bicycle.

User Rating: 2.51 ( 45 votes)

Without a doubt one of my favorite looking folding bikes at the moment, the Dahon Mu SL is forged out of a ultra sturdy Dalloy Aluminium frame. The bike has larger 451mm paired spoke wheels than the typical 20″ associated with folding bicycles. In addition to this the bikes most considerable talking point is the fact that it is one of the world’s lightest folding bike models. Dahon have truly pushed the boat out with this exceptionally well refined model, they have clearly incorporated everything that they know about crafting an ultra light and fast bicycle – ultimately providing a particularly well rounded model. All of the components used are of the highest quality, Dahon haven’t cut a single corner in the production of this premium lightweight folding bike.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”An elegantly styled high performance folding bike; the Mu SL is both fast and lightweight, what else could anybody possibly require – a true beast!” link=”” color=”#960000″ class=”” size=”18″][/pullquote]

There are so many benefits that this bike has it is difficult to fit them all into one review, however I believe that my favorite feature is the 451mm wheels. These do not simply offer more pace than the 20″ standard wheels, they also offer far more stability on the road too. Not only that, I also found that these Kenda tires have outstanding grip and are some of the finest tires around on any folding bike.

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Furthermore the wheels are designed using a Dahon exclusive laser spoke rim layout, this reduces the weight of each wheel considerably. To add to this, the Dahon Mu SL also comes with a 9 speed SRAM APEX dérailleur, this effectively makes gear shifting largely un-noticeable. The bike seamlessly shifts through the gears and this makes transitioning from flats to steep hills very simple.

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Now, the thing that everybody is most interested in, speed. You will be pleased to hear that the Dahon Mu SL is not only as fast as any of the previous models that Dahon have offered, it is faster than the majority of them by a considerable margin. The larger 451mm wheels make the Mu SL almost comparable to a full-sized road bike, this is quite the feat for what is in effect a folding bike. If you are searching for a folding bicycle with a little more pace then the Mu SL might be the one for you, this bike truly flies down the road – and almost effortlessly too.

Full Review

In all honesty, right off the mark the Mu SL had me impressed with its ridiculously good looks, the frame is truly elegantly styled and it has a paint job that anyone would envy. It undoubtedly stands out from the crowd and rightfully so. Dahon have routed all of the cabling inside the frame, this feature is becoming somewhat standard among premium folding bikes these days, however it is always a nice touch to have. But in all seriousness, this bike offers so much more than just vibrant colors and gorgeous aesthetics, it is a beautifully refined bike that excels in every aspect possible.


Folded Size 25.9†x 14.5†x 32.2†(65cm x 36cm x 81cm)
Weight 23.5lb (10.6kg)
Wheel Size 451mm
Frame Dalloy Sonus Tubeset & V-Clamp technology
Fork Lightweight Dalloy Aluminum
Handlepost Radius T & V-Clamp
Drivetrain SRAM Apex Derailleurs & SRAM SL700 Shifters
Wheels 451mm Formula Xero
Brakes SRAM Apex Caliper Brake

Best Available Price: $1299


Concluding Remarks

I genuinely loved testing out the Dahon Mu SL, as I do with any of Dahon’s more premier models. There seems to be little room for improvement as this bike is far more advanced than your typical bike, it is lightweight, rapid on flats and hills, easily transportable and above all just a well rounded bike. I can’t really find anything negative to say about the Mu SL, if I wanted to be picky I could bemoan about the high price point, however this is expected given the sheer quality on offer with this model. To be honest I’m still quite gutted that I can’t keep this one for myself, however it will be a bike I may consider purchasing in the very near future. Thanks for reading, please go ahead and discover some of my other Dahon folding bike reviews today.


 Very light, weighing in at around 23lbs

Rust resistant Dalloy Aluminium frame

 Gorgeously styled frame and paint job

 Larger 451mm wheels – fast and stable

 9 gear speeds to facilitate rapid hill climbing

 Easily folded away in under 15 seconds

 All components are of exceptional quality


Slightly larger wheels so takes up more room when stored away

 Quite an expensive model

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One comment

  1. quite a good little bike – i like the new falcon model myself – but is still too much like a proper bike in that it has derailleur system and not the cassette as a Brompton does. Wish someone would invent a 6 speed cassette!!
    Fudge cyles of London are offering the gizmo for circa £500 which Evans price-matching site will match, but i think that £400 is adequate for any purchase of a gimmick.
    Have tested the London City eXplorer, but it failed on hillls, and the Kansi bike that did okay.
    Bikes should designed by riders, as they need a bent down handend to get better steering control and wide enough to cease crushing ones breasts together.
    Model Dahon looks promising though, carbon fibre a nice alt where available

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