Durban Folding Bike Review 2022

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One gear, one thousand possibilities. Quite an ambitious statement by Durban, however this is how they have decided to describe the Durban folding bike – while certainly true to an extent, this review outlines the downfalls of this entry level Durban One budget folding bike.


Our Rating

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  • A cheap folding bike


  • Single speed
  • Relatively heavy (over 30 lbs)
  • Flimsy build quality
  • Seems to rattle when moved or used
  • Quite bulky when folded down


“A budget level folding bike that is below par in almost every aspect possible. There are too many issues with this bike for me to recommend it to anybody – avoid.”

Durban Folding Bike Review

”Not a folding bike that I would personally recommend to anybody, a cheap bicycle model that has many downfalls and very few perks”

This single speed folding bike really is the definition of what a budget bicycle is, it is formed out of cheap components in its entirety. Straight out of the box you can immediately tell this. Firstly, every part of the bike seems to rattle when you move it and when you ride on it. This is not a great initial sign and it sums up our brief review of this model. The bike is not the lightest bike around either, it is steel framed and weighs 30lbs, notably more than most other folding bikes around.

Furthermore, while their website states that the Durban One should be able to be folded away in less than 15 seconds, we found that it took well over 20. The folding mechanism wasn’t particularly impressive either, this is one of the main sources of the ‘rattle’ we discussed previously. The bike isn’t really suited for long distance usage because it is extremely uncomfortable, the frame isn’t very stiff and you feel every single vibration. If you are planning on using it over short distances then I can’t see this becoming too much of an inconvenience.

The single gear speed setup that the bike offers means that while it can get up to a relatively fast speed on flats, it really struggles when you are on any hills. Some single speed bikes can cope well with hills, however the Durban One does not and for that reason I cannot recommend it for anything other than flat urban environments.

Durban Folding Bike Price

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FRAMEHigh-Tensile Steel Frame with Durban B-Type Latch
FORKHigh-Tensile Steel Fork
HANDLEPOSTDurban B-Type Steel Handlepost with Security Lock
SADDLEDurban Comfort Saddle
SEATPOSTSteel Seatpost (Size 550mm)
BRAKESAlloy V-Brake
BRAKE LEAVERAlloy Brake Leaver
WHEELS20″ Alloy Rims / 20″—1.5″ Tires / UCP Spokes
FREEWHEEL16T Freewheel
CRANKSET48T Steel Crankset
PEDALSFolding Pedals with Reflectors
QUICKSTANDSteel Kickstand
MUDGUARDS20″ Wheel Steel Mudguard
RACKNot included (optional)
PAINTClear coating Over Decals
REFLECTORSFront and Wheel (white) / Rear (red)
BIKE BAGNot included (optional)
MAXIMUM LOAD210 lb (95kg)
SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT4’8″ to 6’3″ (1.40 to 1.90 meters)
ASSEMBLINGFully Assembled (Final adjustment required)


Overall the Durban One, albeit a cheap model, is not a folding bike I could ever see myself purchasing. There are better models out there for moderately more money and a handful which actually cost less too. 

I would personally steer away from the Durban brand in general and go for a more premium name, while I wouldn’t recommend going for a name in all things in life, folding bicycles are generally well made by the bigger names around.

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