HASA F3 Folding Bike Review 2022

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The HASA F3 folding bike is built around a 6 gear speed Shimano shifter with 20″ wheels and a Hi-Ten steel frame.

All in all, we thought that the F3 bike really did look the part straight out of the box. It was somewhat reminiscent of many earlier Dahon models and that is not a bad comment whatsoever.

Not only that, but HASA folding bikes are also widely regarded as some of the most reliable bikes around for that sort of money and are generally seen to be the pioneers within the budget end of the folding bike market.


Our Rating

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  • Good build quality
  • 6 speeds – quick on flats and hills
  • A cheap model with good functionality


  • A relatively heavy bike for its size
  • Slow to fold away (over 20 seconds)


“HASA have done a great job in producing a bike that works as well as the F3 for such a small price tag. I pesonally would go for a slightly more expensive model, but this is a great value for money option.”

HASA Folding Bike Review 

HASA was established as a brand way back in the early 90’s and while it has remained a relatively unknown brand in the mainstream market, it has been making significant rumblings amongst some of the more veteran riders. 

The company prides themselves on providing folding bikes with leading technological innovations present on each of them.

The HASA F3 folding bike is one of their flagship models and it remains extremely cheap compared to your average folding bicycle too. We have found in the past that HASA models are not only some of the more affordable models around, we also determined that they provide exceptional value for money too.

“The HASA F3 is a well built model that consists of high quality Shimano components, for the money it really is quite difficult to beat!”

The 6 different gears function very well in combination with the Shimano RD-TY21 derailleurs. 

These enable seamless shifting with little resistance and the bike is more than capable of attaining a high speed on flats but also up hills too – despite its weight (I will come back to this later!).

Full Review

We were also quite impressed with how well the HASA F3 handled on the road too, while it certainly wasn’t a world beater – it isn’t expected to be for such a minimal price tag. 

The components are all built at a fairly high standard, with many parts coming from Shimano this is understandable. Unfortunately the bike isn’t very light at all, it weighs in at over 30lbs (or 14kg) and so is quite heavy relative to the majority of 20 inch folding bikes around.

It also doesn’t fold down too quickly either, it was advertised at under 15 seconds – however after three attempts we found this to be closer to 25. 

Nevertheless, the HASA F3 isn’t the most bulky bike when folded away and so can be stored quite easily. I wouldn’t want to be carrying this particular HASA model around for a prolonged period of time, it weighs a comparable amount to some of the mountain bikes we have reviewed.

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  • Weight: 30.8lbs (14kg)
  • Speeds / Gears: 6
  • Gear Shifter: Shimano SL-RS35
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Tires: Kenda 20″
  • Frame Type: CR-MO
  • Fork: CR-MO
  • Brakes: Sprake VB-965DK
  • Derailleur: Shimano RD-TY21
  • Chain: KMC C30 Brown
  • Saddle: VL3057A
  • Max Rider Weight: 220lbs (100kg)

Concluding Remarks

Overall I think the HASA F3 is a well made and fully functional folding bike that is brilliant for use as a commuter, it is one of the heavier 20″ folding bicycles around, however it is manageable if you only plan on carrying it for short distances. 

I personally always recommend going for one of the more widely recognised brands, however if your budget is tight then the HASA F3 isn’t the worst bike in the world to go for – it does clearly have some downsides, but these are partially masked by its well crafted components and build quality.

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