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If you’re someone who loves going on adventures on your bike and likes traveling to spots in your car where you can commence your cycle ride, then you’re going to need a decent bike rack.

Honda CRVs are great cars; however, they don’t come with bike racks already installed.

There are plenty of bike racks on the market, but you want to find the best one for your car, suitable for you and your bikes. 

Whether your CRV has a trailer hitch or not, there will be one suitable for you, and in this article, we have listed the best types of Honda CRV bike racks.

Which Bike Rack for Honda CRV?

Which Bike Rack for Honda CRV

We recommend the Hollywood Racks Destination 4 as the best hitch-mounted racks for Honda CRV. If you’re looking for trunk racks then check out the Saris Bones, and for a roof-mounted option, you can’t go wrong with the FrontLoader by YAKIMA.

1. Best Bike Rack for Honda CRV – Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Rack

Hollywood Racks, Destination, Hitch Mount Rack, 2'', Bikes: 4
$387.99 $299.99
  • Securely transport up to 4 bikes (max load 35lbs per bike)...
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01/28/2024 06:23 am GMT

One of the best hitch-mounted bike racks for Honda CRVs is the Hollywood Racks Destination 4 hitch rack.

It is made from alloy steel and plastic and comes in the color black, the rack weighs 42 pounds and has dimensions of 119.4 x 111.8 x 86.4cm.

This trailer hitch mount bike rack is able to securely hold up to four bikes, at a maximum weight of 35 lbs per bike.

It has a locking threaded hitch pin, and there are ratchet straps to keep the wheels of the bike secure. 

The Hollywood hitch rack also features an attachment cradle that slides and rotates to help secure the bike frames.

It is also extremely lightweight, which means it is super easy to carry around and store when not attached to your car.

Then, when it is attached to your car but without any bikes on it, it folds up, so it is flat against your car and neatly out of the way.

Another thing we liked about this hitch rack is that it can accommodate various bikes, including children’s bikes, hybrids, and mountain bikes.

However, the hitch rack can only hold a bike with a maximum wheelbase of 48” and a tire width of 3”.

Therefore, if you have a bike bigger than this, the hitch rack won’t be able to hold it. 

The compact nature of this hitch rack means that it is great if your car is regularly parked in a garage, and its lightweight nature makes it easy to transport and install.

However, one con is that it is quite delicate, and extra care needs to be taken when assembling it, as there are some reports of parts breaking. 

Overall, this is one of the best racks if you have a CRV because it has the capacity to store the bikes of everyone in a small family and is a very convenient hitch rack. 

2. Trunk Mount Bike Rack for Honda CRV – Saris Bones

Our Top Pick
Saris Bones EX Trunk Rack Carrier

The Saris Bones EX 3-Bike Rack stands out due to its versatility, strength, and style, making it a fantastic option for frequently transporting up to 3 bicycles.

Best For: Easily and reliably transporting up to 3 bikes.
  • Highly compatible with 90% of top-selling vehicles, including those with spoilers
  • Lightweight yet robust, with a 3-bike capacity
  • The unique arc-based design separates bikes on different levels, ensuring no contact with the car's spoiler.
  • The initial assembly can be slightly challenging
  • Requires additional straps or bungee cords to secure front wheels
  • Optimum stability is achieved when carrying no more than two adult bikes.
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01/29/2024 01:53 am GMT

If you’re looking for trunk-mounted racks, then the Saris Bones (called Bones Ex Trunk Rack) is an excellent option. Here’s why:

This trunk rack comes in black color, is made of composite material, the rack weighs 4kg, and its dimensions are 76.2, 20.3 x 76.2 cm. 

While it can’t hold as much as the Hollywood rack mentioned above, the Saris Bones trunk rack can comfortably hold two bikes with a maximum weight of 15kg per bike. 

Another great thing about these trunk racks is that they come with a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong with it, you can get it fixed, replaced, or receive a refund at any point.

How great is that?!

However, one con of these trunk-mounted racks is that they aren’t foldable.

This means it can be rather difficult to store when not attached to your car.

Furthermore, when it is installed but has no bikes on it, it can get in the way and look a little peculiar.

One great feature to note is that most types of bikes will fit into it, including mountain, road, children’s, women’s, and electric bikes.

Furthermore, it is constructed using engineered resin, making it one of the strongest trunk-mounted racks designed for holding two bikes on the market.

However, it is on the pricier side for a trunk rack, depending on what size you choose.

3. Honda CRV Bike Rack Roof – FrontLoader by YAKIMA

Yakima Roof-Mounted Bike Rack
  • Carry almost any type of bike to your next ride (including disc brakes, thru-axles, and full suspension); Fits 20" to 27.5” wheels.
  • Load your bike fully assembled with the front wheel on.
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01/28/2024 11:53 pm GMT

If you’re a fan of roof-mounted bike racks, then the FrontLoader by YAKIMA is a great option to go for.

It’s only available in one color, the rack weighs 18 lbs and has dimensions of 143.5 x 21.6 x 25.4 cm. 

One thing we didn’t like, however, is that it only has the capacity to hold one bike.

Furthermore, this rack is not foldable, which means that it can be difficult to store when not using it and hard to transport.

A great thing about the YAKIMA FrontLoader rack is that it can hold most types of bikes, including full suspension, disc brakes, and thru-axles bikes.

It can fit wheels of between 20” and 29” and tires of up to 3”.

It is super easy to load your bike onto this rack once it’s fully assembled, as it holds bikes upright whilst you make the rack secure. 

However, this requires a roof rack on your car for it to be installed, which not all CRVs have.

Therefore, only certain cars will be suitable for use with the YAKIMA FrontLoader. 

It does, however, have no frame contact as it holds the bike in place by both the rear and front wheels, making it a fantastic option for people who have carbon fiber or custom paint jobs on their cars.

Furthermore, the FrontLoader provides extra protection for your bikes as you can purchase extra locks that secure your bike to the mount of the rack.

Overall this is a fantastic option if you’re a solo bike rider who only travels on one bike, and therefore doesn’t need a huge bike rack.

Things to Consider When Buying a Honda CRV Bike Rack

So, now that you know which the best bike racks are for Honda CRV, you should be aware of some important things to consider when choosing which one is best for you.

How to choose the best bike racks for Honda CRV

1. The first thing you need to decide is where you want your rack to be mounted. 

Some people choose to have their bikes tucked away inside their cars and hence choose to store their electric bikes inside the trunk of their cars.

Others prefer keeping their trunk space free, so they like to have their bikes mounted on the outside of their trunk on, for example, a hitch rack.

However, others like putting bikes up on the roof of their cars. 

Bike racks are usually designed to be placed on a specific part of the car, and so once you’ve decided where to install your rack conveniently, this will help narrow down which one you should choose. 

You will also need to think about what sort of holding capacity you need to have.

How many bikes are you going to be transporting in your car – two bikes, three bikes, or four bikes?

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Perhaps you’re going on a trip with all the family and need to hold multiple bikes. 

This will be a determining factor about what type of bike rack you need, as bike racks have different capabilities and load capacities.

2. Another thing to consider when choosing is what your budget is.

Bike racks like those mentioned above come in a range of shapes and sizes, and therefore inevitably, their price is going to be different too. 

The bigger, better-quality bike racks will be more expensive, so you need to decide what features are most important to you and whether you are willing to compromise on certain things for the price. 

3. You will also need to consider investing in a lock to help keep your bike secured to your hitch rack.

Hardened steel U locks are great ones to go for as they are extremely strong, and your bike won’t be able to escape its hold, so you can drive feeling assured that your bike will stay in place.

4. Finally, convenience is an important factor to consider.

If you only travel on your bike every now and again, you will probably want a hitch rack, which is compactable and can be easily folded away or taken off the car when no bikes are attached. 

Not all bike racks have this feature, so you will need to find one that does if this is something that is important to you.


Can I Put A Bike Rack on A CRV?

Yes, you can put bike racks on a Honda CRV. 

You need to make sure you choose a suitable one that is built appropriately to fit on a CRV, and then you will need to do some research on how to properly install it. 

This article should hopefully guide you as to which bike rack is right for you and your CRV, and then the only obstacle remaining is fitting the rack to the car, which is very straightforward.

How Do You Install An Allen Bike Rack on A Honda CRV?

There are three different places on your CRV where you can install an Allen Sports bicycle rack.

You can put it on the roof, inside the trunk of the car, or on the lid of the trunk.

Make sure you read all the instructions and safety guidelines for your Allen Sports rack before starting to install.

Here are the 10 steps to install an Allen Sports Bike Rack on a Honda CRV:

1. Firstly, hold it in a folded position and rotate it tight on its arms.  Then, fully extend the bottom foot. 

2. Rotate both top feet down at a 90-degree angle so that the pins are open and fully engaged. 

3. Turn the bike carrier arms into an upright position. This will fully engage the pop-up pins. Make sure the arms are fully extended and the pop-up pins are engaged. 

4. Before attaching the bike rack, you need to make sure that the contact surfaces of the car and rubber feet are thoroughly cleaned and free from dirt.

5. All buckles need to be threaded, if not already, and it is important you inspect the straps to ensure they are not damaged.

6. Top hooks need to be completely hooked onto the metal edges of the part of the car where you want to place the bike rack. 

7. You then need to set the long strap to position the rack with the carry arms positioned slightly upwards.

8. You should then hook the bottom hooks to a metal edge along with the bumper or rear door of your car. 

9. Tighten the straps until the elastic in them is stretched.

10. Some racks have side straps that need to be hooked to metal edges on the left and right sides of the vehicle.

Now you can load your bicycle!

The Bottom Line

So, if you have a Honda CRV, you should now be pretty clued up about what bike rack is best for you and your cycling needs.

Whether you are carrying bikes on the roof of your car, on the trunk, or on a hitch rack – you now know which one to go for.

The bike racks listed above will make life so much easier for avid cyclists, as you’ll no longer have the headache of figuring out how to transport your bike to your cycling locations.

Setting up the bike racks is simple, can be done by just one person, and should take only a few minutes.

Now you and your family can travel far and wide to the most beautiful spots to cycle and enjoy the scenery, with your bikes securely fastened to your car.

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