Blueks Merax Road Bike Review 2023 – Perfect For Entry-Level

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 10/12/22 •  5 min read

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Merax is a brand in the road biking industry that many people will not have heard of, however, this should not put you off considering it in the slightest.

The Merax 21-speed 700c aluminum road bike is a well-built, sturdy, and truly rounded road bike by Merax.

Merax Road Bike Review
Merax Road Bike Review

I think that it is important to not simply discard the smaller brands out there, every manufacturer had to start somewhere and in reality, Merax bicycles have been making real waves in the industry in recent years.

Some of their flagship models, such as the Merax Blueks road bike, are seen as competitors for the best road bikes in their respective price brackets.


Our Rating



  • Quality 28c wheels
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight build


  • Brake cables are too long


“The quintessential starter bike for somebody who is new to the road biking world – exceptional value for money.”

Merax Blueks Road Bike Review 

I think that Merax as a whole generally targets new riders who are searching for a great entry-level bike, usually, these bikes are very reasonably priced and that is what you will find with most of Merax’s models too.

If you have never previously had a road bike, or at least never owned a premium model, then I think that the Merax 21-speed aluminum road bike could definitely work out well for you

You will certainly get an excellent bike for your money and it is full of premium components that you would typically see on a much more expensive road bike.

“Merax’s cheapest road bike has finally hit the market and it has done so with a bang! An ideal starter road bike for somebody on a tight budget!”

One of the first considerations that anybody should make when they are searching for a new bike is whether or not the bike is lightweight or fairly heavy.

In most cases, you will easily be able to determine this by looking at the material used to make the bike’s frame.

A basic rule to stand by is that heavier bikes are usually made of steel or Chromoly steel, lighter models will use either aluminum, aluminum-based alloys, or carbon fiber.

The Merax 21-speed road bike is made using aluminum and so it will be perfect for people searching for a lighter bike.

In almost all situations I would recommend purchasing a bike with an aluminum or carbon fiber frame over and above a steel one – there just isn’t any point adding all of that extra weight to the bike.

As a result of the aluminum frame, the bike only weighs a minimal amount and can be easily carried if required.

To add to this, the lower weight also essentially permits a higher top speed too. This ensures that this particular model is great for both short and long distances, it won’t be too taxing to ride at any point.


I think that the Merax Blueks would make a perfect entry-level bike for somebody looking for something to commute in and out of work using.

It is well built and I found that I had an excellent riding posture on it, which is hugely important for those that are not aware.

I spent too many years riding bikes that left me with a few back pains from slouching down too much, this isn’t the case with any of the Merax road bikes and they are beautifully crafted to ensure maximum comfort when you’re out and about.

Merax Bike Test Ride

Another thing to note about this bike is that it has an excellent gearing mechanism that works blissfully well with the crankset, wheelset, and both derailleurs too.

I’m glad that the majority of entry-level bikes appear to go with Shimano for providing these additional components, they always do a good job and provide brilliant value for your money too.

One of the coolest features of the Merax 21-speed road bike is the quick-release wheel mechanism that it boasts.

I personally live in a really small house and there is barely enough room for me, let alone a full-sized road bike to leave about.

Fortunately, the Merax aluminum road bike has quick-release wheels on the front and back so it is easy to dismantle and put back together when in a hurry.

All of these little features add up and Merax has done a wonderful job of ensuring that this bike is very functional in a range of situations.

One final note about the bike is how it looks, I don’t actually enjoy commenting on this because it really does depend on the rider, but for me, I love the look of it.


Concluding Remarks

All in all, we loved Merax’s latest edition and think that it would make for a great starter bike for somebody.

If you have previously owned a road bike then you may wish to opt for something a little more expensive so that you get a bit more quality, however, this bike isn’t bad for the money whatsoever.

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