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Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike Review

I've always been a huge fan of Mongoose as a brand, they are without a doubt one…


Design - 92%
Functionality - 87%
Durability - 90%
Mobility - 91%
Price - 90%



We all love most of Mongoose's mountain bikes, but the XR Pro stood out among the rest, and for a variety of reasons too. This is one of the finest entry level mountain bikes for sure!

User Rating: 2.8 ( 2 votes)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mongoose as a brand, they are without a doubt one of the biggest names out there and they’ve been producing stunning mountain bikes for many, many years. Whenever they release a new bike you’re always left expecting big things from them, this is something that we have all become expectant of in recent years. The Mongoose XR Pro is their latest offering, it has been designed to be able to handle any sort of environment and any amount of bumps, rocks and anything else you may come across on your trail. The Mongoose XR Pro comes complete with some beasty 29 inch wheels, a fully kitted out suspension system and some fantastic additional components too. We believe that it is one of the best all rounder mountain bikes to be released in the past couple of years and to top it all off you can pick one up for an affordable price too. Below I will be reviewing each of the key features of the XR-Pro, with the fundamental aim of providing each of you with a detailed overview of the bike itself.

A gorgeous bike that is a true all rounder mountain bike, as with all of Mongoose's latest offerings, we were thoroughly impressed with the XR Pro!

Firstly, the thing that stands out above all else is the high quality gearing system that Mongoose have provided with the XR Pro. It is of course one of the most fundamental components that is required to make a mountain bike a great one. What is the point of purchasing a bike that is slow at accelerating and not capable of flying through the city streets and gravel laden trailers. Fortunately this is not the case with any of Mongoose’s mountain bikes and the XR Pro is actually one of the finer models around.

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The gearing system present is comprised of a pair of SRAM SX4 gear shifters and some Shimano front and rear derailleurs. Together these components facilitate rapid transitioning between gears wherever you may find yourself, this is a truly reliable piece of kit. Whenever I was out on the bike I never found any issues and was extremely impressed with how smooth it was. Another exceptional component that the Mongoose XR Pro has is the SR Suntour crank mechanism, this works extremely well in tandem with the shifters and derailleurs to deliver a smooth ride wherever you go.

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Similarly, the other mechanism that facilitates a smooth ride on the road or trails is the suspension system. Mongoose have a habit of always getting their suspension spot on and I’m happy to say that they’ve managed to crack it again today. One thing that you will notice on cheaper mountain bikes is that you can feel absolutely every single bump that you navigate over. This is never a pleasant experience for anybody and the only way you can possibly counteract it is by ensuring that your mountain bike has a good quality suspension on it. Once again, the Mongoose XR Pro has an excellent system in place and so you will never face these difficulties again. The bike has been specifically designed to reduce all vibration from the forks, the frame, right through to the handle bars too.


Frame Material Type Aluminum
Shipping Weight 101 pounds
Wheel Size 29 inches


Best Available Price: $477


Concluding Remarks

While there are undoubtedly a large number of mountain bikes currently available for anyone to purchase, I think that the Mongoose XR Pro 29″ mountain bike has to be up there on the list for any entry level rider. You get a serious amount of technology for a tiny price and it would be senseless to simply turn your nose up at it. Mongoose have somehow managed to keep the bikes specifications relatively high without cutting too many corners, leaving the bike well within the affordable range for your casual rider. Ultimately the XR Pro offers you a reliable ride that can be used on a daily basis without any difficulty, it is going to perform well on trails and within the city with no difficulty whatsoever – a truly well rounded machine.


 Good Price

Stunning design

 Very comfortable

 24 quick shift gears


 Spring based suspension

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