Montague Boston 8 Folding Bike Review 2023: My Honest Opinion

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 10/06/22 •  4 min read

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Welcome to our review of the Montague Boston 8, a full-sized (700cc) folding bike by Montague.

Firstly I’m going to kick this review off by stating that it is widely recognized by all cyclists that generally the larger a bike’s wheels – the easier life is on the road.

As most folding bikes function using small 20″ wheels, they struggle for speed and are not the most efficient by any means.

However, Montague has made a name for itself by producing full-size road bikes that fold away.


Our Rating

Montague Boston 8 Review


  • Gorgeous Bike
  • Full-size wheels – extremely fast
  • Lightweight folding bike at 23.9lbs
  • A comfortable ride
  • 8 gears for traversing hills with ease
  • CLIX locking mechanism


  • No rear utility rack for storage
  • A large bike when folded away – is quite bulky


“A well-built lightweight, durable and quick folding bike – perfect for the commuter and for those looking for a reliable and easily transportable bike on the road.”

Montague Boston Review 

There aren’t many folding bikes around that are bigger than the Montague Boston 8-speed bicycle.

This bike is clearly aimed at those who want the functionality of a full-size road bike, but also the capacity to fold it away so it is easily transported when not on the road.

“The quintessential hybrid of a full-sized road bike and a stereotypical 20-inch folding bike, this a truly well-built bike that offers so much for a respectable price!”

There are various features of the Montague Boston 8 that stand out, however, the frame is clearly the most pivotal one.

Montague Boston Folding Bike Review
The Montague Boston Folding Bike is relatively simple to fold away despite its full-size wheels

It is the same size as any regular road bike, crafted out of high-quality aluminum that is extremely well-made.

This folding bike folds down rapidly by using a quick-release switch.

Clearly, due to the size of the wheels, the Boston 8 is never going to be as small as a typical folding bike.

It does however reduce in size quite significantly and so, given its full size, it is a brilliant hybrid in our eyes.

We tested the folding mechanism and found we could get it fully packed up and ready to carry away in less than 20 seconds.

This is by no means the quickest bike to fold down, however, it outperforms many other folding bikes on the market.

Test Ride

The Montague Boston 8 is a truly elegant ride, not only does it look the part.

It is extremely comfortable, most folding bikes struggle here, but you really don’t notice the difference with this exquisite bike.

The frame itself doesn’t vibrate too much and remains stiff at all times.

While riding the bike you will find that your posture is also extremely comfortable to endure over large distances.

One additional bonus that the bike offers is the capacity to alter the riding position rapidly, something that not every bike has, we found this extremely useful when we got it out of the box.

The bike has 8 different gears so the bike will fly on both flats and climb hills with relative ease too, helped along by the thinner tires that come as stock.

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Montague Boston Folding Bike Verdict

Overall we found that the Montague Boston 8 is a brilliant bike for the money. Similar to the Montague Crosstown folding bike it is a perfect hybrid between a full-size road bike and a typical 20″ folding bike.

You will be hard pushed to find a folding bike model that outperforms this one by a considerable margin.

Mark Plummer

Mark Plummer is an experienced bike mechanic who has built, repaired, and customized thousands of bikes over the years. A former mountain biking athlete, his cycling adventures have taken him all over the globe from the mountains of Scotland to the South Island of New Zealand. These days he enjoys the benefits of commuting to work and touring on his Dahon and Brompton folding bikes.

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