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While it is usually inherently difficult to determine a favorite of anything in life, this couldn’t be any more true than when considering folding bikes.

However, after much deliberation we have managed to narrow down our list and below provide you with our top recommendations.

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1 - Dahon Mu Uno

Review Rating: 9.5/10

We previously reviewed the Dahon Mu Uno as the second best folding bike that your money can buy. It is a truly impressive bicycle that provides everything you could possibly require from a 20″ model; it’s very lightweight, well built and exceptionally fast too.

For any experienced folding bike owner, they will not be surprised to see this stunning bike topping the list as our favorite and highest recommended model.

The Mu Uno boasts extreme simplicity but does it beautifully, it is sleek yet sophisticated and in our eyes not only offers far better performance than your other premium models – it is typically much more affordable than any of them too.

Dahon are generally well regarded as a manufacturer, however the Mu Uno is undoubtedly their flagship piece, despite not being priced even close to what it could be.

A real spectacle of a folding bike and certainly not one to miss.

2 - Dahon Mariner D7

Review Rating: 9.4/10

Widely regarded as one of the top folding bikes in the world, it is absolutely no surprise that the Dahon Mariner D7 is currently the most popular folding bike in America.

For the money it is incredibly difficult to beat this model, it has everything that could ever be required for a daily commuting bike – and so much more!

While the Mariner D7 isn’t the lightest bike by any stretch of the imagination, it offers incredible comfort on the road and exceptional stability too.

Not only that, the Mariner D7 is also heralded worldwide for its build quality.

There are an almost limitless amount of reasons as to why this exceptional bike is selected by many as their daily driver.

Dahon have produced a true legend within the community and one that many, including ourselves, believe will be here to stay for many more years to come.

3 - Allen Sports XWay

Allen Sports XWay Review

Review Rating: 9.2/10

Probably the best looking bike on this list, however the Allen Sports XWay is equipped with far more than simply stunning aesthetics.

It comes with larger than usual 451mm wheels and 20 gear speeds to enable it to function effectively in a variety of different situations and ultimately outperform typical 20″ models on the road.

This is one point that we particularly loved about the XWay, the bike stands out performance wise and yet weighs so little.

At only 24.4 lbs this beast is certainly one of the lighter folding bicycles around and it handles better than most too.

While the XWay is clearly one of the more premium models around, it is extremely well refined and will provide an endless amount of use due to its quality constituent components.

Allen Sports have targeted the upper price bracket of the market – and done so exceptionally well too, this is one of the finest bikes around and is well worth the money!

4 - Dahon Vigor P9

Dahon Vigor P9 Review

Review Rating: 9.1/10

Another visually stunning bike on our list, the Dahon Vigor P9 is a modestly priced beast that has been meticulously forged from the highest quality components.

It feels like I am not doing the bike justice by simply commenting on how fantastic it looks, however it genuinely does boasts a beautifully ergonomic design that is perfect for the daily commute.

Essentially what you are getting with the Vigor P9 is a truly high performance bike at a cut cost price.

Everything about this outstanding bike illustrates the fact that Dahon have cut no corners in its production.

It handles beautifully, its both sturdy and comfortable and provides an effortless solution to travel.

The Vigor P9 is a clean looking folding bicycle that is capable of taking you throughout the urban sprawl, into the forest and back home again – in one piece, brilliant!

5 - Dahon Mu SL

Dahon MU SL Review

Review Rating: 9.1/10

While the Dahon Mu SL is among the more expensive models on our list of favorites, it is there for good reason.

This folding bike offers riders a hint of luxury and true perfection. It handles beautifully on the road as a result of its super sleek 451mm wheels and can be carried effortlessly due to weighing in at only 23.5 lbs.

The Mu SL is a outstanding bike that is well rounded in every potential aspect, with the only downfall being the price.

While there are models out there that will afford you marginally better value for your money, the Dahon Mu SL still reigns as one of the finest premium bikes in existence.

Dahon have unearthed a real gem with this one!

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