Press Release: Merges With as of 15 December 2022

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 12/15/22 •  2 min read

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The Folding Cyclist was a dedicated folding bicycle site for enthusiasts and professionals. On December 15, 2022, Folding Cyclist’s site was merged into The content from Folding Cyclist has been archived and incorporated here on this site.

Press Release FoldingCyclist Merges With FoldingBikeGuy
Press Release: Folding Cyclist merges with the Folding Bike Guy

What did Folding Cyclist do?

The Folding Cyclist was a foldable bicycle website that focused on providing the latest folding bike news and reviews.

Folding Cyclist Logo
Folding Cyclist Logo

It also captured the remarkable and fascinating history of folding bikes.

At its peak, the Folding Cyclist received over 30,000 visitors per month and helped many enthusiasts identify which model their vintage folding bike was.

What does The Folding Bike Guy do?

Folding Bike Guy
Folding Bike Guy Corporate Logo

Since February 2015, the Folding Bike Guy has operated as a dedicated resource for dedicated folding bicycle fans. Headed up by Mark Plummer, the site shares the latest reviews of the best folding bikes and adult tricycles and provides guides and advice on everything folding bicycle related.

The natural synergy between the new venture, Folding Bike Guy, and The Folding Cyclist resulted in a successful merger.

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