Rascal Scooters: Are They The Best Mobility Scooter in 2023?

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 05/11/22 •  10 min read

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A mobility scooter is an electric device that’s used as an auxiliary to power wheelchairs. It’s designed like a motorized scooter and can be ridden indoors and outdoors.

Mobility scooters are commonly used by people who can’t walk due to a medical condition or other reasons but don’t need to use a power wheelchair. 

In this article, we’ll review the Rascal scooter to help you determine whether or not it’s the right mobility scooter for you.

Rascal Scooter Introduction

There are different categories of Rascal scooters, but we’ll focus on the Rascal 600 4-wheel mobility scooter.

It’s a stable, versatile, and powerful vehicle by Electric Mobility that delivers excellent performance and offers many benefits.

Rascal Scooters
Rascal Scooters

It’s straightforward to assemble and dismantle, and you can also use it outdoors and indoors.

Better yet, it’s also very compact and lightweight, which means you can take it anywhere you want by placing it in your car or other means of transportation.



Rascal Scooter Review

Rascal was the most popular company that used to offer mobility scooters, but in 2013 it fell upon tough times.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services informed the company that it would no longer receive federal reimbursement for the sale of its mobility scooters.

The company started losing contracts due to some allegations of questionable business practices and Medicare fraud.

Rascal Scooter Review
Rascal Scooter Review

First, the company decreased its production, but it had to close all operations because of a lack of funds.

As a result, the Scooter Store, owned by the Rascal company, was closed in 2013. You can’t find new Rascal mobility scooters by Electric Mobility.

Only used products are available on different websites such as eBay.

Rascal Scooter Features

The 4-Wheel Rascal 600 Mobility scooter was the only product available in the market that came with the patented technology at the time of its launch.

It’s still a pretty decent mobility scooter and offers the following features.

Plenty of Legroom

One of the best features of this Rascal mobility scooter is that it offers adequate legroom even for taller users with long legs.

Interestingly, you can also buy a 3-wheel Rascal 600 mobility scooter that offers even more room for legs.

Comfortable Swivel Seat

The seat of the 4-Wheel Rascal 600 mobility scooter is padded that offers improved comfortability.

Additionally, the seat also swivels, and its height is also adjustable, which you can achieve using a button available on the dashboard.

Easy to Use Controls

The controls of this motorized scooter are straightforward to use, which makes the entire riding process effortless.

The dashboard is made of high-quality plastic, and it allows you to control all the functions of the scooter.

Attractive design

This scooter delivers excellent performance and maneuverability, but it also looks stylish. The company made it with a contemporary design that looks great even after all these years.

Impressive Speed and Battery Life

The 4-wheel Rascal 600 mobility scooter can reach the maximum speed of 5 MPH or 8 KMPH. It’s equipped with a couple of large batteries that allow it to cover a distance of 20 miles on a single charge.

Surprisingly, the speed and range of this old model are still better than many latest mobility scooters. You can find all the details regarding your speed and remaining battery life on the dashboard.

Wide Tires

This mobility scooter comes with extra-wide tires that look great and allow it to run smoothly on both rough and even surfaces.

Mounted Basket

The scooter also features a removable basket that allows you to store essential items on the go.


Test Ride

The Rascal 4-wheel 600 motorized scooter by Electric Mobility performed exceptionally well in our test ride.

The compact form factor, soft seat, and expansive legroom for all types of users were some of the first things that we noticed. 

The indoor riding experience on a perfectly flat surface was enjoyable. It performed better than many modern 4-wheel mobility scooters that we have tested.

Turning Radius

As mentioned in the specs, the turning radius of this motorized scooter is 29 inches.

It means you can navigate tight corners easily, both outdoors and indoors. We faced no trouble entering rooms from a corridor because of its good turning radius.


We could drive these mobility scooters at speeds of 5 MPH outdoors quickly. But reaching the same speed indoors was not possible because of low acceleration. We also couldn’t get 20 miles of range within a single charge.

However, it likely happened because we had to test a second-hand model. 

You might get varying battery life and max speed results because finding a brand-new model is nearly impossible.


The Rascal 600 4-wheel scooter comes with a comfortable seat.

You can adjust it to customize your riding experience for optimal comfort. However, we must mention that it was not the most comfortable seat we tested.

There are models available in the market that offer better seat material and riding comfort. But it certainly doesn’t mean that the Rascal 600 offers an uncomfortable seat and riding experience.

Handlebar and Dashboard

The Rascal 600 mobility scooter comes with one of the richest dashboards.

It’s effortless to use and has control for all the functions you need, such as starting, steering, stopping, and a couple of horn buttons. 

In addition, the handlebar of the motorized scooter is fully adjustable to match the rider’s height. Some other features that we liked include tail lights, headlights, directional signals, and mag-style sport rims.


Rascal 600 mobility scooter is undoubtedly a great product worth the investment.

However, if you want to buy a brand-new motorized scooter, there are many products available in the market similar to the Rascal 600 motorized scooter. 

The following are two of the best alternatives with new technologies to the Rascal scooter that you can buy.

Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Vive 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter - Electric Powered...
  • COMFORTABLE SWIVEL SEATING: Comfortably padded, the wide,...
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Quickly disassemble the Vive mobility...

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Vive is one of the most popular companies that manufacture top-of-the-line motorized scooters. If you like a 3-wheel scooter that offers ease of use and comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

Keep in mind that it’s smaller than the Rascal 600, and that’s why it has less maximum weight capacity, lower speed, and shorter range.

It can safely support up to 265 pounds of rider’s weight, runs at 3.7 miles per hour of maximum speed, and can cover 12.4 miles of distance in a single charge.

It comes with a comfortable and padded swivel seat that offers firm support and gentle cushioning. You can step on and off easily because of the swivel chair, keeping you from aggravating back pain. 

You can easily customize the height-adjustable seat using a push of a lever for a better fit.

The chair’s padded armrests are also adjustable, and they can flip upwards as well, which helps the rider greatly while boarding or exiting.

Rascal Scooter Alternatives
Rascal Scooter Alternatives

Because of the smaller and more compact form factor of the Vive 3-Wheel scooter, it’s easier to transport than the Rascal 600 mobility scooter.

You can dismantle this scooter into four different pieces to store in the trunk of your car.

Another great feature of this motorized scooter is that it comes with an intuitive control panel. It’s located on the tiller console and allows you to set the scooter’s maximum speed.

The panel also offers controls to easily turn on the headlight to ride in poorly-lit conditions.

You’ll also find a color-coded indicator that shows the remaining battery life so that you can charge the scooter timely.

The biggest advantage of buying the Vive 3-Wheel scooter over the Rascal 600 is its 5-year limited warranty to protect your investments.

WISGING Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

WISGING Scooter Mobility Folding Electric Mobility...
130 Reviews
WISGING Scooter Mobility Folding Electric Mobility...

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WISGING Folding is another 3-wheel scooter with a lightweight and compact design and makes a great alternative to the Rascal 600 4-wheel model. 

The most significant difference between the two scooters is weight. The Rascal 600 weighs more than 200 pounds, whereas the WISGING Folding 3-wheel scooter weighs only 56 pounds.

The WISGING scooter also features a unique design that allows you to fold the scooter quickly, convenient for travel and storage.

If you need a brand-new compact scooter suitable for travel, the WISGING Folding is better than the Rascal 600.

Because of its lower weight offers a higher maximum speed but covers a shorter distance within a single charge than the Rascal 600 motorized scooter.

The maximum speed of the WISGING Folding 3-wheel scooter is 6 MPH, and it can cover 12.8 miles within a single charge.

It comes with 8-inch front and rear wheels, but the front also features a shock absorption system for better stability.

This motorized scooter has reverse gear functionality. It allows you to adjust your driving position. Lastly, the motor is powerful, which provides enhanced climbing ability.

Here are two other alternative mobility scooters worth considering:

People Also Ask

Are Rascal Scooters Still Made?

No, the company stopped manufacturing Rascal mobility scooters in 2013 because of bankruptcy and a loss of contracts.

The business was also involved in some questionable business practices that led the company to shut down all its operations. That’s why you can’t find brand-new Rascal mobility scooters anywhere.

Are Rascal Scooters Any Good?

Rascal scooters are still some of the best-motorized scooters because of their excellent performance.

They were designed for the convenience of customers and offer extended weight limits, easy-to-use controls, excellent stability, decent speed, and a good range. These scooters are great for helping people who can’t walk, and they also look fantastic.  

How Fast Does a Rascal Scooter Go?

Different Rascal products came with other maximum speed limits. The Rascal 600 discussed in this guide offers a maximum speed limit of 5 MPH or 8 KMPH.

This speed is more than enough for motorized scooters because their primary purpose is to assist people who can’t walk in traveling from one place to another quickly.

How Much Is a Rascal 600 Worth?

The retail price of the Rascal 600 scooter by Electric Mobility was $3,800. However, it’s almost impossible to find it in a brand-new condition because the company “Rascal” was shut down nearly a decade ago.

But you can see this model in a second-hand condition on online stores like eBay with an average price of $1,500.

The Bottom Line

Rascal was the most popular company that became synonymous with mobility scooters, but some allegations and loss of contacts caused the company to shut down permanently. You can still find Rascal scooters from online stores such as eBay but in used condition.

But if you want to buy a modern mobility scooter with an advanced control panel and built-in basket, you should go with the Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

If you’re looking for something extremely lightweight and compact with higher maximum speed, the WISGING Folding Electric Mobility Scooter will suit you better.

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