Schwinn High Timber Review 2023: A Great 27.5″ Mountain Bike

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 10/14/22 •  5 min read

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Let me start off by saying that the Schwinn High Timber is a fantastic entry-level model that has been specifically designed by the experts at Schwinn to be suitable for almost everyone.

Schwinn High Timber Bike Review
Schwinn High Timber Bike Review

Whether you’re an entry-level rider, a seasoned professional, or even if you have never actually owned a mountain bike before – this could be the ideal model for you.


Our Rating



  • Extremely cheap
  • Minimal design
  • Lightweight
  • 21 quick shift gears


  • Takes some time to assemble


“Yet another outstanding mountain bike by the veterans over at Schwinn. the Schwinn High Timber does exactly what it says on the tin and so, so much more!”

Schwinn High Timber 27.5″ Mountain Bike Review 

I’ve spent many years riding mountain bikes and find it a very difficult task whenever it comes to picking a new one, these days there are so many manufacturers available, and even more bike models are being pumped out every year.

However, if I’ve learned anything at all, I would say that it’s extremely critical to research what bike model you’re purchasing before you buy it.

A lot of my friends have this exact bike as their daily driver and I can attest from using it myself and from seeing them use it that it’s well-suited for commuters and people riding for pleasure.

Now, what I will say about the bike is that it’s good enough for local based mountain biking competitions, but if you plan on entering the sport on a more serious level then you will need to purchase a more expensive model.

“Another stunner by Schwinn, the High Timber exceeded all of our expectations and is certainly one of the finest bikes available for two hundred dollars!”

When the Schwinn High Timber mountain bike first arrived at my doorstep I was extremely excited to get it right out of the box.

As soon as I did I was totally shocked at how premium it looked.

Many of the bikes that I review are poorly finished and just look quite cheap, but Schwinn are a different breed of manufacturer entirely.

Each of their bike models has something to shout about and I’m extremely impressed with the High Timber.

Wherever you find yourself, be it on or off the road, you will certainly stand out above all the others with the Schwinn High Timber.

The frame is undoubtedly the stand-out feature of the bike, surprisingly Schwinn decided to go with a steel-based frame – which is quite unusual for them.

Steel has some benefits over the more commonly used aluminum and carbon fiber, however, it is generally found on the cheaper models of mountain bikes.

Steel is incredibly resistant to damage and is rust-resistant, as a result owning a steel mountain bike means that you will likely get far more use out of it.

It can resist much more stress-related damage and they will not flex at all either.

The downside to owning a steel-based mountain bike is that they are quite heavy in most cases, fortunately, Schwinn has kept the weight of the High Timber down a fair amount.


The suspension on offer with the High Timber is absolutely astounding and is one of the features that I was most impressed with.

Schwinn often selects the SR Suntour dual forks as their go-to component of choice, the benefits of these forks are that they reduce shocks felt when riding substantially.

I actually managed to get the bike onto a dirt and gravel track located about 10 miles from my house and was so surprised with how well the bike did there. Usually, I take my racing mountain bike over there but figured I would take the Schwinn High Timber across and give it a whirl.

At no point did I have any issues with it and while it was certainly slower and took more energy to get around than my carbon fiber model, it wasn’t as slow as I had expected from a steel-framed bike.

Another impressive feature of the Schwinn High Timber was the wheels and tires combination, they’re 26 inches of high-performance gear.

When you buy an entry-level mountain bike, a lot of the time the tires and wheels will where a lot of the quality is lost – however, Schwinn has surprised me yet again by putting some fairly competent tires on this model.

Test Ride

For me, the obvious stand-out feature of the Schwinn High Timber is the low cost.

Aside from that, you will quickly see that it isn’t just a standard budget mountain bike for the masses.

It’s actually been specifically tuned to be suitable for almost any type of terrain. It boasts 21 different gear speeds, some quality SRAM shifters, and Shimano derailleurs and has a fairly competent braking mechanism too.

All of this combines to ensure that the Schwinn High Timber is no slouch on the road or the gravel.

Schwinn High Timber AL Youth/Adult Mountain Bike,...
  • Lightweight 17-inch steel frame is the perfect bike for...
  • Bicycle comes with an alloy crank that provides steady gear...
  • Mountain bike has twist shifters with a rear derailleur to...

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Brake StyleLinear pull (V)
Frame Material TypeSteel
Number Of Speeds21
Package Height10.2 x 29.8 x 53.5 inches
Shipping Weight47.55 pounds
Size18 inch / Medium
Suspension TypeFront
Wheel Size27.5 inches

Concluding Remarks

I was pretty impressed when the bike first arrived at my home, I never expect much when I’m only forking out just over two hundred dollars for a bike.

But it seems like Schwinn has always got something special up its sleeve and over the years I really have grown to love the brand.

I would highly recommend the Schwinn High Timber to anybody who has never owned a mountain bike before and would like to get a cheaper model before taking a plunge with a more premium model.

This bike is well built, looks incredible, and performs exceptionally well too, there aren’t really too many downfalls, to be honest.

Mark Plummer

Mark Plummer is an experienced bike mechanic who has built, repaired, and customized thousands of bikes over the years. A former mountain biking athlete, his cycling adventures have taken him all over the globe from the mountains of Scotland to the South Island of New Zealand. These days he enjoys the benefits of commuting to work and touring on his Dahon and Brompton folding bikes.

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