Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike Review

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Schwinn Hinge Review


Design - 59%
Functionality - 72%
Durability - 60%
Mobility - 65%
Price - 75%



I wouldn't personally recommend purchasing the bike unless you are seriously strapped for cash. There are better entry-level folding bikes available for slightly more money.

User Rating: 3.35 ( 1 votes)

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This is our review of the Schwinn Hinge folding bike, a budget level folding bike by the veterans over at Schwinn. Schwinn was founded in 1985 in Chicago, it has persisted as one of (if not the) most popular American bike manufacturers to this day. The company has truly revolutionised the folding bike industry over the years and looks in place to continue that trend well into the future too.

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The Schwinn Hinge is made using the popular 20″ wheels associated with the majority of folding bikes that are currently available. It is priced at $200 and is therefore one of the cheapest folding bicycles that you will find absolutely anywhere in the world. For this money you are getting a fully functioning bicycle that has little more than the basics, as you would expect. My initial impressions of the Hinge were that it looks like a more premium priced bike.

Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike Review

Nothing about how it looks screams that it is a cheaper model, which is great. One of the initial issues we determined was that the bike is pretty heavy and quite bulky too. It is a nightmare to carry around with you as stock and certainly requires further investment to prevent the handlebar and wheels from moving around. I did find that because it weighed so much it was quite unpleasant to carry around for prolonged periods of time.

Folding Mechanism



Furthermore, the Schwinn Hinge takes a fair amount of time to fold away too, it took us just over 25 seconds in fact. This is not the worst that we have seen, however it is quite a lot longer than the more premium bikes around that can do this in less than 15 seconds. The bike lacks gears and so its single speed is only really useful throughout urban environments that lack hills. One thing I will state is that the bike is by no means slow, you can get up to speed quickly on this model and there isn’t much between it and other folding bikes around. The wheels have a relatively good grip, at no point did I feel like they were struggling, however I didn’t test the bike in the wet. I decided to take my normal route for testing bikes that boasts a large hill to climb. The Schwinn Hinge did in fact make it to the top, but it was extremely tiring and the single gear setup really did struggle.

Test Ride



As for the brakes, the Schwinn Hinge has some fairly decent brakes on it and I had no trouble coming to a halt at any point. I will say that they were quite stiff to begin with, I managed to wear them in quickly though and from then on had no issues whatsoever.

Full Review



Color: Black, Navy

Folded Size: 25.9″ x 27.9″ x 10.9″

Weight: 32.8lbs

Speeds / Gears: 1

Wheel Size: 20″

Max Rider Weight: 225lbs (112kg)

Best Available Price: $161


Concluding Remarks

Overall I think that the Schwinn Hinge is a good bike for the $200 it costs. However I certainly wouldn’t recommend purchasing it if you can afford to stretch your budget a little further. There are considerably better folding bikes around for slightly more money. Thank you for reading our review, check out our other Schwinn folding bike reviews.



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[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Extremely cheap ($200)

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Looks aesthetically pleasing and premium

[intense_icon type=”check” color=”#1f9900″] Good braking mechanism



[divider style=”normal” top=”0″ bottom=”10″]

[intense_icon type=”remove” color=”#960000″] Very heavy bike (32.9lbs)

[intense_icon type=”remove” color=”#960000″] Quite a bulky bike to carry

[intense_icon type=”remove” color=”#960000″] Handlebar and wheels need holding in place when folded down

[intense_icon type=”remove” color=”#960000″] Easily damaged


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