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Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike Review

No matter who you are or what your budget for your next mountain bike is, it is…


Design - 88%
Functionality - 88%
Durability - 83%
Mobility - 85%
Price - 92%



I'm a massive advocate of Schwinn as a brand, but only because all of their bikes continually impress me. The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is a gorgeous mountain bike that performs extremely well on and off the road!

User Rating: 1.97 ( 21 votes)

No matter who you are or what your budget for your next mountain bike is, it is always essential for you to look for three things in your future model; the weight, the level of shock absorption and the cost. Whenever I am reviewing bikes I have these three things in mind, in addition to an array of other things, but these characteristics are always at the forefront. Generally, when you see a bike that costs less than three hundred dollars, you immediately feel that it will fail on a fairly large portion of checks. However, Schwinn are a brand that have been around for decades and are widely regarded as being high quality manufacturers. I feel that this always has to weigh in on your decision too, if you know that you’re purchasing from a premium and highly thought of brand, you are more likely to be purchasing a good bike. Schwinn’s latest offering, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is a dual suspension mountain bike designed predominantly for men. On first appearance it seems to have all of the fundamentals of a great bike in place, however deeper analysis will be required to outline whether or not it is one of the best mountain bikes available in this price bracket.

Stunning design, lightweight aluminum frame, plenty of shock absorption, rapid gear shifting and available for around three hundred dollars - incredible!

Firstly, the bike is crafted out of a very well built and hand welded aluminum frame. This is very ideal because a lot of bikes in this price range are typically built using steel, and while steel is great for damage resistance – it is not the best material if you plan on accelerating fast or having a maneuverable mountain bike. Ultimately, the aluminum frames weigh considerably less and therefore are much more well suited for almost all mountain bikes. The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 comes with a dual suspension system, one is located on the front forks and one directly below the saddle. You may be wondering what the benefit of having a dual-suspension mountain bike is and I’ll gladly tell you that it simply reduces the shock felt by the rider, enabling considerably better traction. While these dual-suspension systems are typically only used by beginner riders, I personally choose to have one on my daily driver. I like the stability that these systems offer me and would happily recommend one to anybody.

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The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 comes complete with an outstanding gearing system, firstly you’ll see that it utilizes some premium Shimano EF-50 gear trigger shifters. These enable riders to rapidly interchange between gears at the flick of a finger, not only that but I found that they were extremely precise too. Often when I am trying out mountain bike models for the first time I will find that I switch up or down too many gears, which can become rather tiresome and irritating. Fortunately this is not an issue on the Protocol 1.0 and the shifters themselves work extremely well in synchronicity with the front and rear Shimano Altus derailleurs. To add to this, the bike beautifully transitions power derived from the pedals to the road or dirt. I found that the Protocol 1.0 was very quick to accelerate and it also maintained its speed fairly well too, despite having rather large tires.

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In actual fact, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is rather well known within the mountain biking industry for the tires it utilizes. While not everybody is a huge fan of them, I find that their high profile tires provide riders with a second-to-none grip of the surface and that they continue to perform well in the wet too. This is obviously crucial for mountain bike riders around the world, without this you would simply have to put your bike away for the winter in many regions and none of us want to do that. In all honesty it was difficult to find many flaws with the Protocol 1.0, it performs well in almost every situation and when you look at the tiny price Schwinn have put on it, you can’t really expect any more.


Bike Type Mountain Bike
Brake Style Linear pull;disc
Color Red
Frame Material Type Aluminum
Item Display Weight 616 pounds
Item Weight 43 pounds
Number Of Speeds 24
Package Height 9.5 x 29 x 52 inches
Shipping Weight 51 pounds
Size 26-Inch Wheels
Suspension Type Front
Wheel Size 26


All in all I was very impressed with the Schwinn Protocol 1.0, it is rated high by almost everyone that tests it out and this was what initially drew me to it. It’s very difficult to find a high performance mountain bike that is lightweight and has good shock absorption capacity – but the Protocol 1.0 does just that. It is ergonomically designed from top to bottom, looks the part and ensures that the rider has a great riding posture at all times too.

Best Available Price: $328


Concluding Remarks

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is a wonderfully affordable men’s mountain bike that would make an ideal starter bike for somebody who has never owned a mountain bike previously. You will be able to use it for riding throughout your city, off-road on the tracks and trails and essentially anywhere else you can imagine too.


 Very affordable

 Gorgeous design

 Seamless gear shifting

Fairly lightweight aluminum frame


 Uncomfortable saddle

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