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Schwinn Volare 1300 Road Bike Review

Many people come and ask me for advice on what brand of road bike they should…


Design - 90%
Functionality - 87%
Durability - 83%
Mobility - 85%
Price - 95%



Schwinn have done it again, an incredible bike that costs just over two hundred dollars - what more could anyone on a budget possibly ask for?

User Rating: 2.83 ( 23 votes)

Many people come and ask me for advice on what brand of road bike they should choose on a shoe string budget and more often than not I turn them in the direction of Schwinn. Schwinn have been on the scene for many, many years now and they keep on churning out true masterpieces for phenomenally cheap prices. This story is no different when we are considering the Schwinn Volare 1300 road bike, you will be pleased to hear. Firstly let me come out and say that Schwinn do not provide basic, entry level bikes, they may produce cheap alternatives to the more expensive models – but that does not necessarily equate to a poor product. The Schwinn Volare range has been out for a couple of years now and it has grown from strength to strength. Ironically, the most striking thing about the Volare 1300 is its price, it’s almost insanely cheap for the technology that you’re receiving for it.

If you find yourself on a shoe-string budget, make sure you consider the Schwinn Volare 1300 - excellent quality at a very minimal price point!

The lead designer over at Schwinn, Mark Pratley, personally stated that the Schwinn Volare 1300 was designed to be lightweight and truly versatile for somebody looking to commute throughout a cities winding streets. It has been designed to effortlessly transport you to and from your place of work, with very little energy expended. Not only that, but the Schwinn is by no means a sloth on the road, it has a kick and can be transformed into a true beast on the road if needs be. This is predominantly driven by the bike weighing very little, as a result of this a little bit of exertion releases an outstanding burst of energy that is beautifully transferred onto the road in pure, blissful speed. So, if you are somebody looking for the perfect hybrid between a commuter bike and a toy for the weekend, you could be on to a winner with the Volare 1300.

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Schwinn Volare 1300 Review


It is as a result of the hybrid nature of this road bike that many people are left wondering who it is specifically designed for. And that is the beauty of it in my eyes, it is fitting for almost anyone and everyone on the road. Time after time the Schwinn Volare has outperformed road bike models that are two, three or even four times the price and it does it with style. The bikes’ frame is crafted out of aluminum and consequently is a very sturdy and secure ride, you are very rarely troubled with discomfort on the Volare and that is likely to last due to the durable qualities of this form of metal frame. Similarly, the fork and various other key components of the bike are also crafted out of the same shock absorbing material.

Test Ride

Not only that but Schwinn have done an incredible job of ensuring that the Volare is a gorgeous bike too, it really does stand out on the road and I love the finish they have given it. You will look extremely sleek gliding down the road on this model for sure and with the 14 gears, you wont have trouble getting up or down and hills either. One little niggle that I had about the road bike was that the Shimano derailleurs could function slightly better, they did seem a little bit clunky at times but this is a very slight tarnish on what is otherwise a breathtaking ride. The aluminum alloy based brakes are very strong and they immediately cause the bike to halt to a stop, perfect for weaving in and out of inner city traffic. Similarly the Volare comes complete with a comfortable, ergonomically designed saddle that will fit the majority of riders.


Full Specification


Brake Style: Caliper
Color: White and Red
Frame Material: Aluminum
Bike Weight: 39 lbs
Gear Speeds: 14
Frame Size: 20″
Tires: 700c
Wheel Size: 29″
The 700c tires are ample in size and while they are not quite up to the same standards as the more premium priced wheels around, they will certainly do the job – and more! If they are ever an issue, it’s a relatively straight forward job to replace them and put on some slightly more sturdy ones. Again, this is but a minor footnote on what is a truly well rounded road bike.

Best Available Price: $242


Concluding Remarks

My overall opinion of the Schwinn Volare 1300 is that it is the perfect bike for somebody getting into road bikes and is looking for a budget model that will stand the test of time. This bike is one of the best bikes you can have for under three hundred dollars and there are plenty on that list too, Schwinn have produced a wonderfully polished bike and it will be really hard for other brands to ever compete here.


 Great value

 High quality disc brakes

 Alloy caliper pull brakes

Gorgeous design

 Very lightweight

Aluminum frame and fork


Only 14 gears

 Slightly stiff crank

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