What Is The Best Scooter for Teens? Here’s 5 AWESOME Picks!

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 02/16/22 •  13 min read

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We all know that now teens don’t spend as much time outside for fun as they used to. As kids get older, they often become less interested in playing outside. One great way to get your kids around is to buy them a scooter.

From entry-level to ultra-fast to pro-level scooters, different types of products are available in the market. However, it is very challenging to choose the right product for your kids. That’s where this post comes into place.

Scooter for Teens
Scooter for Teens

We have reviewed five of the best scooters for teens. Some of these products can even be called adult scooters because teens and adults can use them.

Scooters for Teens Comparison Table

LaScoota Kick Scooter for Adults & Teens. Perfect...


LaScoota Luxury Scooter for Teens

  • Max Rider Weight: 110 lbs
  • Wheel size: 7.9 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
Globber 2 Wheel Kick Scooter for Teens and Adults...


Globber NL 500-205 Kick Scooter

  • Max Rider Weight: 110 lbs
  • Wheel size: 8.1 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs
Razor A6 Kick Scooter for Kids Ages 8+ -...


Segway Ninebot Electric Kick Scooter

  • Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs
  • Wheel size: 10 inches
  • Weight: 10.9 lbs

5 Best Scooters for Teens 2023

1. LaScoota Luxury Scooter for Teens – Best Overall

LaScoota Kick Scooter for Adults & Teens. Perfect...
  • MADE BY PARENTS: This kick scooter was designed with teens...
  • SMOOTH RIDE: Featuring LATTA suspension technology, this...
  • SAFETY IS TOP OF MIND - Between the extra-wide, non-slip...

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The LaScoota Luxury Scooter for Teens is our top pick and for many good reasons. It’s an excellent scooter for teens with adjustable handlebars and an easy-to-use folding mechanism. It’s specially designed for small and light riders.

If your kid wants to use a scooter just as hard and fast as other riders, the LaScoota Luxury Scooter can be the best option. It features an extra-wide scooter deck made of durable material that ensures there is always enough room for both feels.

The deck also flaunts a non-slip texture to make sure your kid’s feet don’t slip.

This scooter can also meet the changing needs of your kid, thanks to its height-adjustable handlebars. Therefore, your kid won’t need to crouch while riding around, as s/he gets taller.

The handle of this scooter also features a quick-release system that allows you to fold it down within an instant.

The package also includes a strong shoulder strap that you can easily carry your scooter around.

If you’re looking for a high-quality scooter, The LaScoota Luxury Scooter is one of the best scooters for teenage boys or girls.

While it’s designed for teens, it comes with features that make it suitable for adults and last a long time.

The shoulder and wrists of the young rider will not take the rest of the strain because of the premium-quality suspension system of the scooter.

All these features make LaScoota the best scooter available in the market for teens.

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2. Globber NL 500-205 – Best Kick Scooter For Teenagers

Globber 2 Wheel Kick Scooter for Teens and Adults...
  • NEXT GENERATION SCOOTER: the innovative & foldable NL 500...
  • ONE SECOND FOLDING: The NL 500-205 is equipped with our...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT T-BAR: Made from anodized aluminum, the...

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The Globber NL 500-205 is a next-generation 2-wheel kick scooter with an innovative and stylish design. It features foldable comfort grip handlebars, a curved and super-wide adjustable T-bar, and sturdy and big wheels.

The extra-wide deck of this scooter offers a non-slip texture to keep your kids safe while they’re riding it. One of the best features of this Globber scooter is that you don’t need to assemble it.

The company claims that the Globber NL 500-205 2-Wheel Kick Scooter features a one-second folding mechanism. That’s because it comes with the company’s patented folding system.

You also don’t need to use any tools for this purpose.

Folding also allows you to store or carry this scooter easily whenever needed. The adjustable height T-bar of this kick scooter is made of anodized aluminum.

It features soft handlebars and offers four height adjustments, which means your teen will need years to outgrow this model.

The deck, featuring a triple structure, is made of high-quality materials, and it’s specially designed for teens with durability and comfort in mind. Your kid can easily ride it around for hours without getting tired.

The handlebars are stylish and are also very comfortable and durable.

The big front and back wheels ensure stability and offer an effortless and smooth riding experience every single time.

The only downside of the Globber NL scooter is that it provides a low rider weight limit compared to other products listed here.

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3. Razor A6 Kick Scooter – Most Stable

Razor A6 Kick Scooter for Kids Ages 8+ -...
  • Designed and built specifically for taller riders
  • Features Razor’s tallest handlebars, adjustable up to an...
  • Spoked, ultra-large 10” (254 mm), urethane wheels and...

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Razor is a well-known brand that offers different scooters, and the Razor A6 Kick Scooter includes everything your teen will need to get around.

It comes with 10-inch big front and rear wheels that ensure stability and allows teens to go faster and further.

The scooter is easily foldable, which means you can easily fold it and store it under a desk or in your car’s trunk. Teens of different heights can easily use this scooter because of its adjustable handlebars.

The maximum height of its handlebars is 42 inches which means it can accommodate tall kids.

The big wheels will also help your teen cover long distances easily without putting in too much effort.

Your teen will get to their destination in no time.

After all, bigger wheels are always better to go faster and further, as it takes minimal effort to achieve high speed.

The folding mechanism of this folding kick scooter doesn’t rattle, and for quick stopping, it also features a rear fender brake and kickstand.

Overall, it’s a great big-wheel kick scooter that only has one downside: its weight.

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4. Micro Kickboard Sprite Foldable Micro Scooter – Best Lightweight

Micro Kickboard - Sprite - Two Wheeled,...
  • The innovative Micro brand is known by families for its...
  • The Micro Sprite is a strong yet extremely lightweight...
  • Micro offers superior materials, design, and construction,...

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If you’re looking for a highly lightweight yet long-lasting and durable scooter for teens and adults, you can’t go wrong with the Micro Kickboard Foldable Micro Scooter.

Micro Kickboard is a well-known brand, and this scooter is one of the best products that the company has to offer.

This scooter is specially designed for riders ages eight to adults.

One of its best features is that it can withstand the weight of 220 pounds, yet it only weighs 5.9 pounds. It comes with superior construction, design, and materials that ensure an ultra-smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

If your kid is ready to leave a 3-wheel scooter behind to get their hand on a 2-wheel scooter for the next several years, consider buying this product that also features a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Micro Kickboard Sprite Foldable Micro Scooter features handlebars control steering, and kids of all ages can use this great product until their teen years are over.

Its kickstand and secure and quick folding mechanism come in handy that ensure on-the-go convenience.

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5. Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter – Most Durable

Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter - Teal/Black
  • QUALITY PRO LEVEL PARTS - High quality components build up...
  • SIX VIBRANT COLORFUL FINISHES - Want to stand out from the...

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If you want the most durable scooter for your kid and you don’t care about the folding mechanism and adjustable handlebars, the Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter is for you.

While this scooter doesn’t come with adjustable handlebars and doesn’t offer any folding mechanism, it flaunts a very sturdy and robust design that can stand up to the test of time.

Additionally, you also won’t need to spend a lot of money on this scooter as it costs less than most scooters out there, making it one of the top scooters that money can buy.

It’s made of alloy steel that doesn’t affect the product’s overall weight.

The Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter features heavy-duty polyurethane wheels and offers a comfortable experience for most riders. Your teen might also like the funky color scheme of this scooter.

We recommend this scooter for teens who already know how to ride a scooter. It’s not recommended for those kids who are still learning balancing and steering skills.

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How To Choose Scooters for Teens?

Best Scooter for Teens
How to Choose the Best Scooter for Teens

Most teens like a scooter that offers an attractive look, but it’s imperative to make sure to choose the product based on budget, performance, and safety.

We have listed some of the most critical factors you should consider while buying a scooter for your teen or even yourself.

Maximum Rider Weight

The maximum rider weight is one of the first things you should consider while buying a scooter.

The scooter you want to buy must be able to withstand the weight of your teen. Not only will it make sure that your teen enjoys their riding experience, but it’ll also keep them safe from injuries.

Wheel size

Big wheels will allow your teen to get around quickly at more speed. Your teen will need to put less effort to go faster and further.

Smaller wheels can also get stuck in big bumps and cracks, while with larger wheels, you won’t need to worry about these problems.

However, if you don’t want your teen to move at high speed and there is also a flat available where your teen can ride the scooter, you can go with smaller wheels.


If you think you’ll need to carry your scooter around, consider buying a lightweight product that comes with a shoulder strap, such as the LaScoota Luxury Scooter for Teens.

Adjustable Handlebars

Most scooters come with adjustable handlebars that allow them to serve your kids for a more extended period.

Your teen won’t outgrow the scooter that features adjustable handlebars, and they also won’t need to crouch while riding.

Folding Mechanism

Most traditional wiggle, kickboard, and kick scooters come with a folding mechanism that you can use to fold them for easy transportation or compact storage.

A cheap kick, trick, or electric scooter for teens won’t fold, while a premium quality model will typically offer this functionality.

When your teen isn’t using the scooter, you can easily fold it to store it in your home.

Keep in mind that a foldable scooter with two wheels will need better balancing and steering skills. So, you might need to teach your teen first how to do that.

People Also Ask

Which Scooter Is Best for Teenagers?

Which scooter is best for teenagers

The best scooter for teenagers all comes down to the particular needs of your teenager. If your teen wants a scooter to perform different stunts and tricks, then you can buy a simple scooter with sturdy and stable construction, like Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter.

Such scooters are a better option for those teens who already know how to place their feet on a scooter and how to ride it. Conversely, if your child is still learning, consider buying an exceptionally lightweight product that comes with brakes such as Micro Kickboard Sprite Foldable Micro Scooter.

What Size Scooter Should a 13-Year-Old Get?

What Size Scooter Should a 13-Year-Old Get

The scooter’s size is a significant aspect. Specific measures will aid in the selection of the appropriate scooter. First and foremost, consider the height of the handlebars. Many scooters for this age range have bars 21.5 inches to 24 inches in length, which is an appropriate size for the average 12- and 13-year kid.

If they are little, consider opting for lower handlebars and if they are taller, look for higher bars. Keep the size of the wheel in consideration as well. The shortest wheel size available is 4 inches; however, some scooters have bigger wheels, which provide a little additional height to the scooter.

What Is a Good Scooter for a 13-Year-Old?

What Is a Good Scooter for a 13-Year-Old

Razor A6 Kick Scooter is an excellent option for a 13-year-old kid. It is a foldable scooter that offers a sturdy construction. These features make it easy to maintain the scooter while riding around.

It comes with big wheels that make it easy for your kid to go around, and they won’t have to deal with the issues that smaller wheels are prone to.

The kickstand prevents a teen from just tossing the scooter when they’re finished, and the adjustable handlebars and folding mechanism ensure they’ll always fit it, even if they are growing fast and getting taller.

What Scooter Is Best for 12-Year-Old?

What Scooter Is Best for 12-Year-Old

We have featured multiple scooters, and the Globber NL 500-205 2-Wheel Kick Scooter is the one that will suit your 12 years old teen the best. That’s because it offers big enough wheels and can support the weight of 100 pounds. It’s also lightweight and features an adjustable design to match the unique needs of each kid.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right scooter for your kid doesn’t have to be a difficult task. All you need to do is define your kid’s needs and your budget and then choose the right product.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best scooter based on your unique requirements.

If you’re shopping for the best scooter that offers everything your teen will need, we recommend you buy LaScoota Luxury Scooter for Teens.

But if you want to buy a lightweight scooter that offers the best folding mechanism, Globber NL 500-205 2-Wheel Kick Scooter can be your best choice.

Lastly, if you need a scooter with big wheels that can serve both teens and adults alike, then the Razor A6 Kick Scooter will suit you the best.

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