Sueh Q1 Folding Bike Review

Sueh Q1 Review


Design - 52%
Functionality - 51%
Durability - 46%
Mobility - 47%
Price - 72%



I can't recommend this bike whatsoever, there are so many downfalls that even though it's an extremely cheap model, it just simply isn't worth purchasing!

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While Sueh is a relatively unknown quantity in the folding bike market, they have produced a bike that can’t simply be written off as a result of its extremely low price point. The Sueh Q1 is one of the cheapest folding bikes around, it is described as being perfect for commuting, recreational use and off-road too. This is clearly quite a broad and ambiguous statement and one that we have thoroughly tested in our review.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”A poorly constructed model by Sueh, it has very few positives aside from the cheap price tag – everyone should absolutely avoid it at all costs!” link=”” color=”#960000″ class=”” size=”18″][/pullquote]

Firstly, the bike doesn’t look too exciting at first glance. You can almost immediately tell it hasn’t been crafted out of the highest quality components, however we thought judging a bike like this wasn’t entirely fair. We took it straight out onto the road and gave it a spin. Our initial thoughts were that the bike seemed to vibrate continually on the road, which was quite worrying considering it was brand new and out of the box only half an hour earlier.

Sueh Q1 Folding Bike

Secondly, the Sueh Q1’s 7 gear speeds, while fully functional – as expected as they were designed by Shimano (a veteran bike component manufacturer for those that didn’t already know), the bike did have issues shifting between them. I initially sought to blame the dérailleur, however after a more close inspection it seemed the chain was repeatedly getting caught in the cogs – not impressed!

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In addition to this the bike took over 20 seconds to fold away and when it was finally folded down it wasn’t the smallest either. What’s more? The bike weighs in at over 30lbs (13.85kg), this is extremely heavy for what is a relatively small bike. It isn’t exactly the most ideal folding bike to carry around with you all day, being heavy and bulky. It seems like I can’t find a single positive about this bike, and unfortunately that is the truth in itself. Sometimes you will find some gems with cheap folding bikes, however unfortunately this simply is not the case with the Sueh Q1.


Frame: Aluminum and Steel
Fork: Aluminum
Stem: Steel (adjustable height) SUEH
Height from Ground to Handlebar: Lowest: 97cm, Highest: 117cm
Handlebar: Aluminum 54cm
Seapost: 40mm x 510mm SUEH
Shifter: 7 speed SUEH
Brake Levers: SUEH
Brakes: Hui Hong disk system for SUEH
Derailleur: Speed system SHIMANO(7 speed)
Crankset: Steel SUEH
Cassette: Shimano 7 speed
Chain: SUEH
Rims: Aluminum SUEH 28 holes
Hubs: Aluminum SUEH
Spokes: Stainless Steel SUEH
Tires: Zhao Yang 20″
Tubes: Zhao Yang
Pedals: Plastic
Weight: Approx. 13.85kg or 30.53 lbs
Bike Size: 152cm(L) x 100/123cm(H) or 59.84″(L) x 39.37″/48.42″(H)
Folding Size: 82cm”(L) x 58.4cm (H) x 33cm (D) or 32.28″(L) x 23″(H) x 13(D)
Folding Time: Approx. 10 to 15 Seconds
Warranty: 6 months

Best Available Price: $214


Concluding Remarks

I personally can’t recommend this folding bicycle by Sueh, while it is such a cheap model, there are so many additional benefits that a slightly more expensive model can afford you. I would suggest reading about some of the other cheap folding bicycles on this site, our detailed research has found some brilliant bikes for around the $300 mark.


 A cheap model


Very heavy given the size of it

 Large when folded down

 An uncomfortable ride due to vibrations

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