Takara Kabuto Road Bike Review


Design - 85%
Functionality - 78%
Durability - 87%
Mobility - 77%
Price - 95%



The Vilano Shadow is an excellent example of what a budget road bike should be, a real challenger for the best entry level model.

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The Takara Kabuto single speed road bike is one of the most popular fixed gear road bikes that is currently available today. It is a well-known fact that more and more people are moving over from using the less reliable geared bikes to single, or fixed versions. The beauty of a single speed bike is that they are not very likely to break, they are easy to use and they are often cheaper to buy too. While all of the above is certainly true, it is crucial that you ensure that you pick a reliable model before simply purchasing the first one that catches the eye. Why? Well, there are a large number of poor single speed bikes on the market too, as with anything it is important to do sufficient research before making any form of purchase. Now that has been said, let us pay tribute to the gorgeous guise of the Takara Kabuto. It may not be for everyone, but for many the bike has outstanding aesthetics and they certainly did catch my eye when I first saw it. I love the idea of having a vibrant set of tires, particularly when they are inexpensive as is the case with the Takara Kabuto.

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This particular single speed road bike has been built with the beginner in mind that is not to say that the specifications are low – just that it is very easy for anyone to use. The Takara Kabuto fixed gear bike is built for reliable commuting in mind, such as for going to school or work in a timely fashion. It doesn’t have the best specification in the world, but it is more than capable of standing the test of time due to its quality frame and wheel set while also being a fairly rapid driver too. I believe that the most important thing to note about the Takara Kabuto is crafted out of a steel frame, rather than the more commonly utilized aluminum frames these days. The benefits of having a steel frame is that it is much more durable than an aluminum version, as a result it is likely to last a lot longer than your standard road bike. However, the downfall of this is that it will weigh slightly more too – not ideal if you are planning to travel huge distances on it, but it is perfect for those who only have to travel for an hour or so.

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I suppose another benefit of having the steel frame on the Takara Kabuto is that it costs a lot less to produce. The remaining components on this bike are created using various different types of metal alloys to reduce the overall weight of the bike and while it certainly isn’t the most lightweight road bike around, it is definitely going to last longer than most of them. Another cool feature of the Takara Kabuto is the flip flop hud design that it offers riders, this is essentially a replacement for traditionally used derailleurs on typical road bikes. They have been included essentially due to the fact that derailleurs are not needed when you have no gears, the benefit of the flop flop hub is that no adjustments are ever required when you are riding around. All that is required to switch between the two different modes is a simple flick of a switch and you’re done. This feature is very useful and enables smooth interchanging between riding stances, a real positive for this bike.

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The Takara Kabuto has some quality 32 bore hole, alloy-based wheels that are very durable. It comes complete with some 700c x 32c tires that are made to last and should last a few years with daily usage.


Brake Style: Dual Pivot
Color: Gray
Frame Material: Aluminum
Bike Weight: 29 lbs
Gear Speeds: 27
Tires: 700c
They have been designed to be used on a variety of different types of road or terrain, Kenda have done a wonderful job of ensuring that these particular tires have a great grip of the road. Similarly, the braking mechanism is powerful too, it enables quick stopping and works perfectly with these tires. All of this combined leaves the Kabuto as a great bike to have for inner city riding.

Best Available Price: $179


Concluding Remarks

Overall I have to say that I’ve always been an avid fan of single speed fixed gear road bikes and the Takara Kabuto is one of the finest specimens that fit in this category. It has been beautifully designed to suit all of the needs of an entry level rider and the components used, while not of the top quality of the more premium brands, are definitely good enough for beginner riders for sure.


 Good price

Stunning design

Lightweight build

Aluminum structure

 27 quick shift gears


 Poor pedals

 Loose handle grips

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