Solax Transformer 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter: My Honest Review

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 10/05/21 •  13 min read

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In this article, we will be reviewing the Solax Transformer 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter, which is specially designed to keep the comfort of seniors in mind.

They are often left confined in their homes due to certain mobility issues.

Solax has taken a step forward by designing an efficient and ultra-portable electric scooter that can easily assist differently-abled people in their day-to-day routines.

With their long-lasting and lightweight lithium battery, and motorized controls, these scooters are a superior alternative to wheelchairs.

Transformer 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter Review

So if you are an individual who is looking to step into an active lifestyle, the Solax transformer scooter is the best fully electric folding scooter for you.

To make the selection process easy for you, we have also included some alternatives and ensured that all the scooters meet certain benchmarks, such as offering remote control operation, durable build quality, high weight capacity, easy-to-understand controls, and fold-ability. 

Keep on reading to know more information.

Solax Transformer Remote Control Folding Scooter Review

Transformer Mobility Scooter

Our Rating

Transformer 4 wheel mobility scooter


  • Rigid body with plenty of storage options
  • Good payload
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Fully automated
  • Airline friendly
  • Lift chairs


  • Could be a bit heavy for some users


“The Solax Transformer is an exceptional 4-wheel mobility folding scooter that features plenty of storage options for a trip to the grocery store, an adjustable handle height for improved comfort, and is fully automated. A great all-rounder that is extremely hard to beat for the price!”

Key Features

Max speed6km/hr
Gradient0-15 degrees
Range20 km
Curb weight capacity53 lbs (24kg)
HandlebarPU foam
Motor24V 120W
Drive systemS-drive 45A

Add Ons

The Solax Transformer comes in four stunning colors ( Black, royal blue, Yellow, and Apple Red).

You can choose to add various company-fitted accessories to improve usability. Some of these are extra batteries, an arm bag, a key fob, a heavy-duty rear basket, a collapsible umbrella + mounting bracket, rearview mirrors, etc.


According to this study, a specialized mobility scooter significantly improved the lives of the elderly and had a positive response overall.

This fully electric folding scooter builds on this and is also known to be one of the only fully automatic folding scooters in the world.

The fully automatic folding and unfolding option can be triggered by offering remote control operation. It easily fits in most cars, including the smallest hatchback, and zips down to the size of a medium suitcase.


In terms of battery capacity, this fully automatic folding scooter houses a 29.4 v unit that can be charged using the 2 Ampere charger provided by the company. It is also fully compliant with the regulations of a dry-cell battery.

Since it is a lightweight lithium battery, the company claims that it can hold up quite well for five years.  This power source also allows for the one-touch key start.


The range on this device roughly goes 12 miles. While the payload is an impressive 300 pounds, we recommend you avoid taking anything beyond 275 lbs to maintain good battery health.

Since it has key activation as opposed to the automatic/buttoned operation of many scooters, it can even be transported via any airline without any hassle.


The mainframe of this unique and original scooter consists of advanced aluminum alloy. It is highly tensile while also being lightweight enough to be controlled.

The battery can also be unloaded to split some weight. It is advised that you charge the battery at least once every three months for the best results.

This scooter can be fully charged in 12 hours. The charger supplied alongside features an LED light that tells you when your device is fully charged.


Aside from the precise engineering and attention to detail, the Transformer 4 gives you a 12-month warranty on batteries and a 2-year warranty on electronics.

Note: We recommend taking the initial weight of the battery when they arrive. In case you need to file a warranty claim later, this might come in really handy.

Another fine touch is the additional can and cup holder at the end of the seat. What could be better than cruising around the street with a handy cup of coffee, right?

Furthermore, this scooter also finds use in recreational areas like amusement and theme parks.


The control panel at the front end is responsible for movement and battery indication. It includes components like the power switch, cruise control switch, battery indicator, and direction control lever.

The handle has a thick padded layer all around for a sturdy grip.

To turn on the scooter, you simply have to insert the key in the switch module and turn it clockwise. The power indicator is color-coordinated – red means it needs to be charged, while yellow and green indicate medium and full levels of battery, respectively.

Speed Controls

The speed control knob has two distinct markings on both ends, the turtle and the rabbit. You can toggle between these two by a rotary action to change the speed of your vehicle.

In order to control the direction, all you need to do is:

  1. Hold both ends of the bar with either hand.
  2. Turn the control lever on the right. This will cause the scooter to move forward. In contrast, a left tilt will make it go backward.
  3. To stop the motion, simply bring the lever to the center, and the brakes would be automatically applied.

This fully automatic folding scooter also has a horn button that can be pressed anytime to activate it. Here is a brief overview of the remote controls:

  1. The ‘A’ button is used for unfolding the scooter. Simply press it for two seconds and then release it.
  2. The ‘B’ button is used to fold it.
  3. You will hear a creak once the folding operation is complete.

Solax also provides you the functionality of folding and unfolding the Transformer 4 without remote control, in case you misplace it. This can be done by opening the release switch followed by moving the handle tube.

Here are some additional tips in order to get the most out of your scooter:

  1. Avoid driving on soft surfaces, hills, macadams, and gaps. This reduces drag and keeps the operating system from burnout.
  2. Only carry the necessary stuff while operating and also avoid heavy machinery.
  3. Maintain a constant speed and always avoid intermittent driving to get the most out of your cell.

Lastly, the Transformer 4-Wheel mobility scooter price can vary, depending on the retailer. However, if you are residing in the UK, we would recommend you purchase it from this store.


While the Solax Transformer is an excellent choice, there are several alternative choices available on the market today which may also be worth your consideration.

1. Vive 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Vive 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter - Electric Powered...
  • SAFELY NAVIGATE SMOOTH SURFACES: Easily maneuver over smooth...
  • COMFORTABLE SEATING: Comfortably padded, the wide, 15.75”...
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Quickly disassemble the Vive mobility...

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Key Features


This scooter is offered in two different colors (silver and blue). Vive has been creating enhance mobility devices with the aim of providing a better lifestyle for the elderly.

With their latest offering, the Vive 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter, they take things further up a notch!

It’s value-for-money pricing, compact overall length, and simple controls have helped this scooter climb the #1 position in the power wheelchairs category on Amazon.

Designed with safety as the top priority in mind, this electric folding scooter comes with non-marking 8” tires for superior grip over the surface. These durable grip tires are further protected underneath the frame and are also deemed to be flat-free.

The metal frame of this scooter is built to last and is coated with a rust-resistant lining to minimize any damage.

It comes with a padded seat which takes up a good 15.75-inch cross-sectional area.

Vive has also supplied a backrest and sidebars for better grip and protection. The seat can be rotated using the lever at the bottom. Its height can also be adjusted using the same setting.

You can tilt the cushion forward to facilitate an easier step-in process when boarding or exiting the scooter.

And for backpackers, this scooter can be fully disassembled in just a few minutes. You can split it into four different pieces to distribute the weight.

Ride quality is also quite stable, thanks to the four-wheelbase and the advanced motor.

You can start this scooter with a single touch and glide it through up to a good 12 miles before it needs to be charged again. With an impressive turning radius of 4:3, crunching around tight corners indoors will seem like a cakewalk.

The control panel, which is fitted on the tiller console, gives you various controls to decrease/increase the speed along with a reverse feature. This scooter also comes with a bright headlight and a warning alarm which can be triggered using a button.

Users can check the battery status using the color-coded bar in the control panel.

To sum up, this scooter can easily maneuver over flat surfaces while also providing a highly comfortable seating area. This brand is also known for its fast and reliable customer support, which can be contacted in case of any questions.

In this price range, the sheer quality of this product is second to none.

This scooter is backed by an industry-leading guarantee which accounts for a refund/free repairs within 5 years of purchase.



2. Drive Medical SFSCOUT4-EXT Spitfire Scout 4

Drive Medical Spitfire Pro SE 4 Wheel (Extended...
  • Includes 5 interchangeable sets of color panels: red, blue,...
  • Charge range of 9 miles with standard batteries, 15 miles...
  • 300 pound weight capacity

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Key Features


This is a highly compact scooter that also has enough power to cater to all your daily needs. Furthermore, it can easily be disassembled for easy storage and portability.

The flagship feature set of this scooter revolves around its low base and swivel seats which facilitate easy entry/exit. If you are someone who needs to enhance mobility or has certain physical limitations, then this is the product for you.

Knocking things off with the design, this scooter weighs a little less than 100 lbs, making it an excellent choice for storage. In case the batteries die, it has a special free-wheel mode which makes pushing easy for anyone who has to give you a hand.

It comes in a wide array of attractive colors such as orange, black, and red.

Drive Medical also applies a double-coated layer of soft-texture paint to protect it from any potential scratches or scuff marks.

Furthermore, the lower chassis of the scooter is also quite stiff and can take up a considerable load easily.

The most challenging part for someone with mobility issues is getting into a vehicle. This scooter has an option specially designed for this functionality.

The seat on the Scout 4 can swivel and tilt forward to an angle to facilitate easy entry. So instead of having to bend your back and snuggle in, you simply have to swivel the seat, and you are in!

This also minimizes the risk of a slipped disk/pulled muscle.

You can easily single charge your scooter using the in-house charging brick that is provided, and you will be worry-free for the next 12 miles.

This isn’t where the perks stop, though.

As for the ride quality, this scooter is equipped with anti-tip wheels along with a rigid base.

This means that you won’t hear any lousy crackling of parts during movement. The wheels on the Drive Scout 4 aren’t inflated, which eliminates the possibility of having a flat tire.

The customization options on this scooter are endless.

Firstly, it has a delta-shaped steering module that provides superior grip and can be titled easily without having to move forward.

Secondly, there is a padded seat whose height can be adjusted to longer or shorter legs, and lastly, the armrests can slide aside and easily fits your body’s width.

The Drive Medical Scout team takes pride in the quality of its product.

Hence, they have offered a lifetime warranty on the frame whilst the electronics boast a 2-year long warranty. The in-house customer assistance is also quite responsive.



Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

Choosing the right mobility scooter amongst the myriad options available in the market might be quite confusing. Here are some points that you should consider before making your purchase.

Type: The type of scooter basically depends on your daily commute distance.

Do you just want to go around the house, or are you looking forward to covering a longer distance, say to the shopping mall on a frequent basis? These types can be broken down into the following categories :

  1. Transport Scooters: They usually come at an affordable price and are also on the lighter side to improve portability.
  1. Folding Travel Scooter: These are geared towards people who like to travel often. Their foldable frame allows you to pack them up in the back of your car easily.
  1. Full-size Scooters: These heavy-duty machines come with additional storage space and typically offer a longer range. Their weight, though, is usually on the heavier side.
  2. Bariatric Scooters: If you are someone who wants to carry a heavy load regularly and also wants a sturdy body that can take you through some rough terrains, then this option is for you.

The kind of terrain could also impact your choice. However, to be on the safer side, choose a scooter with at least a 1.5-inch ground clearance.

Charging Rate

A good enhance mobility scooter should single charge in roughly 12-14 hours. This will give you ample voltage required to cover 2-5 miles, depending on the efficiency of your scooter.  Also, ensure that you get a power cord with a decently long cord.

Three Wheel vs Four Wheel Scooters

Three-wheel scooters take the upper edge when it comes to turning radius and agility. However, they also have a higher chance of tipping over. If you are looking to pass through tightly packed, then these should be your pick.

However, a four-wheel base gives you more stability and safety.


All the enhance mobility scooters come with multiple accessories which can be tailored for everyone. Battery add-ons allow you to double up the mileage and also act as an emergency power source. Cup holders, canes, and oxygen tank holders are also an option.


Summing up, we can easily say that the Transformer 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter is bound to meet your expectations due to its versatile feature set and unparalleled quality.

However, if you are looking for a more value-for-money machine with almost the same functionalities, the Vive 4 Wheel could be a great choice.

Electric folding scooters have aided a better quality of life among differently-abled individuals. With their adjustable seats and decent mileage, the seniors at your house will no longer have to hold back and rely on others to help.

We hope you found this review helpful!

Mark Plummer

Mark Plummer is an experienced bike mechanic who has built, repaired, and customized thousands of bikes over the years. A former mountain biking athlete, his cycling adventures have taken him all over the globe from the mountains of Scotland to the South Island of New Zealand. These days he enjoys the benefits of commuting to work and touring on his Dahon and Brompton folding bikes.

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