Vilano Forza 4.0 Road Bike Review


Design - 93%
Functionality - 90%
Durability - 90%
Mobility - 92%
Price - 90%



The Vilano Forza 4.0 is one of the best road bikes that can be found at this price - another excellent model for Vilano to be proud of!

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The Vilano Forza 4.0 road bike is regarded as being one of Vilano’s finest road bikes to date, it has been designed to an extremely high specification but made at an affordable price too. The bike itself was designed to be perfectly suitable to an array of different types of riders, however it is probably best suited to somebody looking for a road bike to use on their daily commute. Despite this I certainly wouldn’t advise against buying it if you are solely seeking a bike to use for recreational cycling throughout the city or countryside. Many friends of mine have purchased this bike following my recommendations and some of them are using it in road bike competitions across the country, despite it having an aluminum frame it is more than capable of matching carbon fiber based models.

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The Forza 4.0 has been made utilizing only the finest materials, as a consequence of this it doesn’t weigh very much at all – this lends itself perfectly to somebody who is looking for a fast bike. I can verify this myself as I actually used this particular bike for many months on my ride in to work, it’s a very stable set of wheels and I haven’t ever had difficulty riding fairly large distances on it either. One of the key benefits that the Forza 4.0 offers riders is the fact that it is easily adjustable to suit any one person’s specific requirements. You are able to quickly flip the saddle or handle bars up and down to match your specifications.

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Vilano always ensure that their bikes are capable of tackling a range of different terrains or slopes, as such they have equipped the Vilano Forza 4.0 with 24 gear speeds. This essentially ensures that you can utilize the bike on city straights whilst weaving in and out of traffic at high speed, or on a mountainous climb through the hills too. It has a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame that is easy to pick up and carry around if needs be and the shock absorption on this model is outstanding too. The majority of components on the Forza 4.0 are made by Shimano, this includes the STI integrated brake levers, alloy caliper brakes and wiring too. One additional note is just how well made and sturdy the 700c racing forks are on the bike.

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The chain is a very durable 8-speed variant that is produced by KMC and the 700c wheelset is double walled CNC to ensure maximum reliability on and off the road. The Kenda 700c x 23c tires have an excellent grip on the road despite being very slimline and lightweight too. The crank set is crafted out of an aluminum based alloy and it is 170mm in diameter, this is somewhat standard on the modern day road bike. The synchronicity between the front and rear derailleurs with the gears is outstanding – you won’t ever find yourself getting stuck due to the Vilano Forza 4.0 using some of Shimano’s finest components here. All of the above ensures that this model is a very smooth ride on the road, you will find yourself in complete comfort over long rides and will be surprised with just how maneuverable it is too.


Shimano STI Integrated Brake Lever Shifters

A Strong Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame

24 Speeds to Handle any Situation

Wheelset: Double Walled w/ CNC Machined Sides

Free Pedals Included

I personally think that the Forza 4.0 offers exceptional value for money, you really do get an awful lot of bike for your money and I am sure anybody looking to purchase one will be pleasantly surprised with its prowess on the road. I haven’t even mentioned how awesome it looks alongside bikes that are four or five times the price, it really is a piece of art and I was really happy with it in the months that I was using it for my daily ride to and from my workplace. While the Vilano Forza 4.0 road bike is certainly on the boundary between entry level and mid level models, it definitely is one of the premier examples of what a road bike should be today.

Best Available Price: $483


Concluding Remarks

If you are short on money and can only just about stretch to buy one of these bikes then I would recommend it one hundred percent, it’s definitely better than all of the cheaper models that I personally have come across and think that it will be incredibly hard to beat at all. It is fully customizable for the rider, has 24 gears that are suited for a range of environments (flats and steep inclines) and it is available for a truly affordable price too – what else could you possibly need?


 Outstanding value

Sleek design

Extremely lightweight build

Aluminum frame

 24 quick shift gears


 Quite noisy to ride at speed

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