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Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Road Bike Review

The Vilano Rampage fixed gear road bike is a true fixie by nature. The wizards over at…


Design - 89%
Functionality - 84%
Durability - 83%
Mobility - 81%
Price - 92%



I love fixed gear bikes - and this is my favorite entry level one! Vilano have produced an absolute stunner of a fixie, quality stuff.

User Rating: 2.85 ( 20 votes)

The Vilano Rampage fixed gear road bike is a true fixie by nature. The wizards over at Vilano have ensured that it is extremely lightweight, durable, easy to run, enjoyable and extremely cheap too. It is the compilation of all of these features that makes it such a pleasure to ride day in, day out. Fixed gear bikes are designed to be simple for the rider, whether they plan on taking the bike on the commute to the city for work or for a leisurely ride throughout the local countryside. The Vilano Rampage epitomizes this ideology beautifully and it is for that reason that it is today still one of my favorite fixie road bikes. Not only does it look stunning on the road, but it also packs a punch when it comes down to raw performance too.

Vilano are experts at delivering exceptional performance at budget prices and we see that again today with the Rampage - a gorgeous but functional fixed gear road bike!

Vilano always style their bikes in a unique way and that is no different when considering the Rampage, in more recent times their bikes have been comprised of a mix of urban and retro styles. The colors used on this particular model are striking and it will definitely stand out alongside other road bikes – in a positive light, of course! When we look at the performance of the bike, most of it is driven by just how lightweight the Rampage is. Weighing in at only 22lbs it is easy to see why this fixed gear bike flies down the roads, it requires just a slight bit of exertion and off you go. This is something that I love to see in a road bike and even more so on a fixed gear version, mainly because it makes the ride so much more enjoyable – and I’m not even a speed freak! So, obviously we’re all in agreement that the Vilano Rampage is a stunner, but let’s take a deeper look into what drives the performance I keep on referring to.

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When the Rampage was initially released, Vilano stated that it was made to be used in the city – and it certainly is ideal for this purpose. The majority of the bike’s specifications are relatively standard, an aluminum frame, 700c x 25c tires – but where it stands out is that the frame itself is cut far thinner than most bikes. Most frames alone weigh close to 20lbs, so for the overall weight of this bike to be only 22lbs, you can get an idea of just how lightweight it is – in reality it’s approaching similar weights that are usually taken up by carbon fiber based models that cost in excess of $1000.

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Vilano have utilized a flip flop hub on this bike, as they do on most of their fixies – this essentially allows the rider to determine whether or not the bike is in fixed gear or single speed mode, on the fly. A really cool feature and for those who haven’t used this before, you’re in for a real treat. The 700c tag welded frame and fork crank set is crafted using an aluminum based alloy and it does a wonderful job of reducing any vibrations. The 45mm double walled V form anodised wheel-set is another exceptional add on for the Rampage, this is a very sturdy piece of kit that I am sure will be durable despite extensive usage.


* Brake and Gear or Single Speed (flip-flop hub) urban geometry.
* 700c Tag-Welded Frame and Fork Forged Alloy Crank set
* W/46T replaceable Chain Ring
* 45mm Double Walled Deep-V Anodised Wheel Set with Matching Anodised Hubs
* Urban Platform Pedals
* 700c High Tensile Steel
* 700c 1/8″ Threadless Crank Set
* KMC Z410 1/8″ Cassette
* 16T Freewheel and 16T Fixedly
* 700c x 28c Brakes
* Alloy Caliper Front and Rear

As you can see, the Vilano Rampage is not only a cheap fixed gear bike, it has everything that a thousand dollar road bike would have – and more! I would be extremely surprised if anybody could find a better fixie for this price, Vilano have spent a lot of time working on developing a world beater and this is what we’re left with today – fantastic!

Best Available Price: $199



 Very inexpensive

Urban design

 Extremely light

 Sturdy aluminum frame


Poor at climbing hills

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