Vilano Urbana Folding Bike Review

Vilano Urbana Review


Design - 78%
Functionality - 74%
Durability - 74%
Mobility - 68%
Price - 85%



For the money it is hard to beat the Vilano Urbana. This folding bike is not only one of the cheapest, it is also one of the lightest too! You would be better off spending marginally more money on a more premium bike, but the Urbana isn't bad whatsoever.

User Rating: 2.6 ( 40 votes)

Designed to be as basic as can be, the Vilano Urbana is a single speed folding bike that has been created to provide entry level riders with a well built option. Straight out of the box the bicycle’s minimal design was obvious, it is very clean and looks the part too. We were impressed by the aesthetics, the bike somewhat resembles an old school BMX styled bike, rather than a more stereotypical folding bike that we have become accustomed with over the years.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”For the money the Vilano Urbana isn’t the worst folding bike around, it works fine but seems to be below par in most departments. It is however hard to complain about such a cheap bicycle!” link=”” color=”#960000″ class=”” size=”18″][/pullquote]

Now, let me get straight onto the unique selling point of the Vilano Urbana, it’s weight. The bike weighs in at a tiny 21.4lbs, this is far more lightweight than the majority of other 20″ folding bikes on the market currently. It doesn’t just outperform geared bikes either, it also outperforms most single speed bike models too – this is incredibly impressive. If having a lightweight folding bike is important for you, then this is certainly a model to consider – particularly if you are strapped for cash and have a tight budget. This bike will not break the bank and is easily transported around by hand.

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Vilano Urbana Folding Bike

On the road, the bike unfortunately wasn’t quite so impressive, it is severely limited by the fact it has a single gear speed. This effectively means that it will struggle up any relatively steep hill, it also wont be flying down flats either. The bike comes with very highly functioning coaster brakes, for those that have never experienced these before, don’t let that be a concern – they are very easy to use and work exceptionally well too. As far as single speed folding bikes go, the Vilano Urbana is a good entry level bike, but little more.

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Some of the components are clearly not made out of the highest quality material and will therefore not be as durable or functional as some of the more pricey bikes. In addition to this, the frame does seem to rattle somewhat when riding around, this generally is a sign of a poorly put together bike, it also signifies that it is likely to become damaged easier too.

Vilano Folding Bicycle


Folded Size - 11.9″ x 31.9″ x 24.8″

Color - Black, White, Gray

Frame – Aluminum and Steel

Handlebars – Aluminum

Seat Post – Aluminum

Brakes – Coaster

Wheels – 20″

Weight – 21.4lbs

Racks – Water bottle and rear rack

Best Available Price: $199


Concluding Remarks

I personally would only choose to purchase this bike if you are on a very tight budget and simply don’t have the funds to spend on a more premium model. You don’t need to spend extortionate amounts of money to receive a good folding bike, just slightly more than you do with the Vilano Urbana. All in all it isn’t the worst, nor the best folding bike around, you do get what you pay for and it will get you from A to B safely – it just seems to be marginally below par in most aspects.


 Very cheap bike – good bang for your buck!

 Extremely lightweight

 Minimalistic design that is truly timeless

Scratch resistant


 Some components are poorly made

 Rattles somewhat when ridden

 Single gear speed so it is difficult to climb hills rapidly

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  1. You advise a “higher quality” bike if budget permits. Any specific recommendations?

  2. Hello Jason, could you tell me if there are there other models- -slightly higher priced that you would recommend? I am planning on a folding bike, or two, that I will have on a very small sailboat, and powerboat, to be able to ride when I go to other harbors. Thank you, Randy

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