VISP A01 Road Bike Review

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Design - 86%
Functionality - 80%
Durability - 85%
Mobility - 87%
Price - 83%



A relatively unknown brand that enters the scene with a bang - the VISP A01 is a beautifully refined road bike that can compete with the best!

User Rating: 3.9 ( 2 votes)
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VISP are a relatively unknown quantity in the road biking industry, however they are a brand that are making some big moves behind the scenes to quickly change that notion.

In the past we have seen smaller brands come and go, but something tells me that the VISP-A01 road bike produced by VISP road bikes is about to change all of that.

I think that it is important for me to clear up one thing before proceeding with my review of this stunning bike, and that is that people really aren’t aware that the manufacturers of road bikes usually only put the components of bikes together.

“VISP are only a small manufacturer but don’t let that put you off, they produce gorgeous bikes that have extremely high specifications!”

What they are essentially doing is compiling pieces from different manufacturers of components and adding their own branding.

Now, why is this important for you to know before reading this review you will be asking yourselves?

Essentially because in the VISP A01 we are seeing some of the finest pieces available in a bike that should really be priced far higher than it is.

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Now, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who knows anything about the brand.

Their mission statement is to bring premium quality bikes to those on small budgets, and that is what they have managed to do in the A01.

We see a road racing ready model that weighs almost as little as a carbon fiber framed bike, for far less than you would expect.

The aesthetics of the bike will be fitting for some riders and not for others, if you like the look of it and it tickles your fancy then you’re in for a treat because everything else about the bike is extremely high quality.

Firstly, the bike’s frame is crafted out of quality aluminum and is both thin and lightweight, it lends itself perfectly to those of us who like to race around at speed.

Similarly, the placement of the handles of the bike is very strategic – it forces riders to adopt an aerodynamic position at all times and so you really will slice through the air as you’re travelling along the road at speed.

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Brake Style disc
Color Black
Frame Material Type aluminum
Number Of Speeds 14
Shipping Weight 44.09 pounds
Size 51cm,54 cm X 700 C

Similarly, the bike is very adjustable too, you are able to rotate the handlebars forward and back, of course there is the flexibility to lift both the seat and handle bars up too.

To add to this, the wheels have a rapid release mechanism so you can take them off in under a minute. Furthermore, the pedals themselves are shaped in such a way that you will very rarely find yourself in a situation where you are struggling for grip.

In addition to this, VISP road bikes all have very high quality tires that are both thin and durable at the same time.

You have to pump them up to high pressure, but when you do you release the inner beast of the VISP A01 road bike.

It is certainly one of the quickest road bikes that we have come across that do not have a carbon fiber frame and that is quite the feat for a bike at this price.


Concluding Remarks

All in all we think that the VP A01 is a brilliant bike and if VISP keep on pumping out bikes of this quality for the foreseeable future then we will see a lot more of them on the roads for sure.

They offer a very high build quality, aerodynamic design and are fairly lightweight too.

If you want a bike that stands out too then you will be struggling to find one more so than this model here.



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