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The electric trike has taken the world by storm with its various benefits and convenience it provides to riders in daily commuting. The riders expect a smooth and comfortable riding experience from an e-trike, but it depends on the advanced features and efficient components that come with an electric trike.

So finding an electric trike brand that manufactures and produces the best e-trike with the latest technology and electrical and mechanical components is essential when buying an e-trike.

Addmotor is a known brand that manufactures and sells high-quality two-wheel and three-wheel electric bikes. So Addmotor electric trike is the brand’s top-selling product as they offer an impressive range of e-trike.

Addmotor has launched various e-trike models, each of which has a unique feature and design that meets the diverse needs of the riders.

Each of the Addmotor electric trikes is the rider’s favorite, but the Addmotor Grandtan M-340 electric trike is the top-selling model currently available in the market.

What makes the Addmotor M-340 e-trike a top-selling model is its updated features and the convenience it brings to the rider’s life. But Addmotor keeps improvising and updating its e-trike to the latest innovative technology and components, so it has recently launched a new Addmotor electric trike.

The M-340T electric trike is the updated version of the top-selling M-340 e-trike. So let’s preview and see if the latest M-340T e-trike is the upcoming top-selling model of the next generation of electric trikes.

Powerful mid-drive motor to conquer all kinds of terrains

All the Addmotor electric trike models are equipped with the latest EB 2.0 system.

The M-340T electric trike has a powerful 1000-watt mid-drive electric motor. The mid-drive electric motor is what makes the newly launched M-340T mid-drive electric trike different from other e-trike models.

The other e-trikes mostly have front-mounted motors, but the engineers at Addmotor experimented and found the mid-drive electric trike to be more efficient and convenient.

The mid-drive electric motor provides more power and torque than the front-mounted motors. This makes it convenient to ride the mid-drive electric trike on hills and terrains.

The mid-drive electric motor also keeps the e-trike in a more balanced state as it is placed close to the center of gravity of the e-trike, allowing the riders a more comfortable and stable ride.

Now make safe turns on an e-trike

We often hear that it is difficult to turn an e-trike due to the two wheels present at the rear end. E-trikes tend to trip off when accelerated while making a turn, which is unsafe for the riders.

To make the Addmotor electric trike safer, the newly launched M-340T has a differential present at the rear wheels of the e-trike.

As both the rear wheels work in unison and the motor powers the same speed to both wheels, it can be a problem while making the turn.

The differential is a gear placed at the rear wheel that solves the problem, as it provides power to both wheels but allows them to rotate at different speeds. The differential allows the outside wheel to spin more, thus making you turn the e-trike safely and preventing the risk of injuries.

Cover long distances

The battery plays a vital role in the efficient working of an e-trike.

Like all the other models of Addmotor electric trike, the M-340T mid-drive electric trike has a high capacity 48V*20 Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery. The high capacity 20 Ah Samsung battery allows you to cover a long distance of 40-85 miles on a single charge.

All the Addmotor electric trike batteries are UL-certified, which ensures safety while riding the e-trike.

Park the e-trike, and it won’t move 

Like all other models of Addmotor electric trike, the M-340T also has a Tektro mechanical disc brake system with a motor cutoff sensor.

But the feature that makes the newly launched M-340T mid-drive electric trike different from other models is the feature of parking brakes.

The parking brakes let you park the e-trike anywhere you want, be it on inclined surfaces or smooth lanes, and it won’t roll away from its place. You can make a quick trip to the nearby store or have a cup of coffee with a friend without worrying about the e-trike moving from its place.

Durable and comfortable frame design

The frame of the Addmotor M-340T mid-drive electric trike is built with a strong aluminum alloy that makes it durable and sturdy. It has a lower step-through frame design, making it convenient for the riders to get on and off the e-trike.

Not to forget the coil spring front suspension that absorbs all the bumps during the ride, and provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

The newly launched M-340T Addmotor electric trike comes in three colors, i.e., Neptune blue, starry blue, and army green, so you can choose the e-trike of your favorite color.

Enjoy a comfortable riding experience

The Addmotor M-340T mid-drive electric trike has additional features that provide ultimate comfort to the riders. It comes with a wooden footrest board that provides a solid platform for the riders to conveniently get on and off the e-trike.

It also provides the riders support to rest their feet while using the throttle mode or waiting for someone in the parking space.

Like the other models of the Addmotor electric trike, the M-340T mid-drive electric trike also comes with a comfortable saddle with an adjustable backrest to fully support your back as you ride your e-trike.

The 630 mm wide handlebars allow you to sit in a comfortable upright position and have grips with a durable ergonomic design.

Fat tires to ride up the hills comfortably

Like most other Addmotor electric trikes, the M-340T mid-drive electric trike also has wide tires.

The wide 24’’X 4.0’’ front and rear tires allow a stable and smooth ride on all kinds of terrains, from hills, sandy beaches, snowy lands, or forests.

The wide tires of an e-trike have a higher shock-absorbing capacity that results in a smooth and bump-free ride, even on rough terrains. They are puncture-resistant and not prone to frequent wear and tear and are low maintenance.  

Addmotor keeps on improvising and updating their e-trikes and with the launch of the updated version of their top-selling e-trike model, they have ensured that the struggle and efforts of providing convenience to the riders are never-ending.

The M-340T mid-drive electric trike is currently the most updated version of the e-trike you can find in the market, with all the latest and innovative features that meet the diverse needs of the riders.

If you’re searching for an alternative to the Addmotor M-340T then it’s worth considering the Addmotor Citytri E-310 because it offers a lot of the same advantages but with a price tag under $2,000.

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