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About Folding Bike Guy

My name is Mark, and i’m an Engineer and cycling enthusiast hailing from Australia.

I have been crazy about bikes for almost as long as I can remember. I grew up riding mountain bikes and road bikes and have competed at National level in mountain biking.

About a decade ago I became obsessed with folding bikes. Why?

Because I relocated to Singapore, a bustling metropolitan city with a growing network of cycling paths and park connectors. Living in a metropolitan city undoubtedly has its benefits, such as exceptional transport networks.

However, I constantly found myself struggling to get where I needed to be on time.

Whether I was stuck in an endless stream of traffic throughout the city or walking large distances between train stations and my workplace, I was always verging on being late. I started searching for a (healthier) solution to my time-pressed commuter issues.

Utilizing a mixed form of transport was ultimately the best way to get to where I needed to be on time.

Now I truly reap the time and health benefits of commuting with my folding bike. I am far healthier, fitter and more active than I used to be.

I also have the flexibility to go anywhere that I want with my folding bike.

These truly magnificent inventions are portable, easily stored away and extremely lightweight to carry. I hope you find the site useful and would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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