Best Bike Rack for Toyota Prius

Finding the best Toyota Prius bike rack can be a particularly convoluted process with so many different models being available at any given moment.

To add to this it’s common you will find a variety of different types of racks too and many people are left utterly confused by this.

The most commonly available types of bike racks are hitch mount bike racks, trunk mount bike racks and of course roof mount racks too.

I have personally owned a wide range of different types of bike racks over the years and the best fitting rack for my Toyota Prius was undoubtedly the Hollywood Racks Expedition model.

It is currently the highest rated bike rack on Amazon, and for very good reason too.

“It’s been a long road to find the perfect bike rack for my Prius, but I’m finally here thanks to Hollywood Racks – brilliant!”

Hollywood Racks are based out of America and have been in the business for almost forty years now, considerably more than the majority of other brands out there.

They were initially formulated way back in the early 1970’s and have been producing top quality products ever since.

They specialize in producing bike racks that are totally suitable to a wide range of different vehicles, which is absolutely perfect if you own a selection of cars and may need to utilize it on any of them.

After spending a short while attaching the rack to my 2015 Prius I was pleasantly surprised to see that it fitted perfectly and when I was out on the road I had no difficulties with it either.

The rack was an extremely tight and secure fit and best of all it didn’t vibrate whatsoever when I was driving either, some of the lower quality built bike racks are definitely not suitable for the Prius and could easily damage your car.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack For Toyota Prius

Another thing that I absolutely love about Hollywood Racks is that they always make sure to have it pre-assembled before shipping it out to the end user.

You can take it right out of the box and have it installed on your car in under fifteen minutes and requiring no tools either.

Comparing this to other brands that I have used in the past is futile, the majority of which involve complex procedures that are a huge drain on my time.

This bike rack can easily be assembled by attaching a total of six straps to you car and it will be perfectly attached to your Toyota Prius in no time.

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Trunk Mount Bike Rack For Toyota Prius

Other key features include a really well designed anti-sway back that effortlessly keeps the bikes in place when driving on the open road.

Again, another common flaw of cheaper bike racks is the fact that when there is more than one attached to the car they constantly bang into one another.

Installation Video


Color Multi Color
Department Car Bike Racks
Item Dimensions 30.1 x 5.7 x 20.3 Inches
Item Display Weight 11.75 Pounds
Shipping Weight 12 Pounds
Size 3 Bikes
Sport Type Cycling
Style Name 3 Bike Trunk Rack


Concluding Remarks

This is not only irritating to listen to when you’re driving, but it can damage both your car and your bikes too.

Whenever you are using the rack you can rest assured that it will remain perfectly in place for hours on end.

Bikes can easily be added or removed from the rack in around thirty seconds and this is ultimately why Prius drivers across America and indeed the world are constantly recommending the use of the Hollywood Racks bike rack.



Fits any vehicle

Easy to fit and adjust

Will not damage your vehicle

Holds either 2 or 3 bikes


Flat folding

Lifetime warranty

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