Best Folding Mountain Bikes

Folding Mountain Bikes

Below I have compiled a short list of what I believe are the best folding mountain bikes around currently.

I have provided a short review of each of the models and am hoping they will aid you in your search for the perfect model for you.

The reason why I personally love folding mountain bicycles, as you will see below, is because they are essentially the perfect hybrid bike for on and off-road cycling

They also provide the capacity to transport you to and from the workplace (relatively easily).

I currently own the Montague Paratrooper Elite, however there are various models out there that are easily as good – and available at a much more affordable price too!

Below we have provided what we think are our picks for the best folding mountain bikes on the market today.

RankImageBikeWeightFolded SizeSpeedWhere to Buy
1OYMA Power40.8 lbs
18.5 kg
37" x 34" x 15"
(94 x 88x 38cm)
2Eurobike40.0 lbs
18.1 kg
3Montague Paratrooper Elite27.0 lbs
12.2 kg
36"x 28" x 12"
(91 x 71 x 30cm)
4Xspec41.0 lbs
(18.6 kg)
34” x 27” x 13”
(86 x 69 x 33 cm)

If you would like to know even more about each of the specific models then please click through and read the full reviews.

These mountain bikes have been rated based upon their aesthetics, functionality in a range of purposes, durability, mobility across various types of terrain and their price too.

We believe this gives users the best overview of what to expect with each of these bicycles.

Best Folding Mountain Bikes for 2020

1. OYMA Power Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike

As I stated in my full review of this gorgeous folding mountain bike, this model will deliver again and again – a truly outstanding bike!

Despite there being a wide range of other premium folding mountain bicycles around, this is undoubtedly one of the best.

Not only is it superb on and off the road, it also takes an absolute beating and after substantial use will show very little signs of wear.

Built using extremely high quality components, this bike is a keeper and is not one to bat your eyelids at whatsoever.

OYMA have done a wonderful job in producing this idyllic mountain bike!

2. Eurobike Full Suspension Folding MTB

We were very impressed by the latest full suspension folding mountain bike on offer by Eurobike.

It is a considerable improvement over its predecessor and for that reason we see it as one of our favorites.

3. Montague Paratrooper Elite 27.5″

Another gorgeous folding mountain bike, and the one that I personally own.

Manufactured by the bike giant Montague, this model stands out among the best of them.

It has a premium price, but pays it off effortlessly with the outstanding quality it offers to a wide range of riders.

This mountain bike will handle beautifully wherever you take it and show you that a folding bicycle can indeed compete with the top of the range ordinary non-folding models too.

An absolute beast both on-road and off-road, it is no wonder this bike has garnered such popularity over a number of years.

A real gem produced by Montague, and one that they can be truly proud of.

4. Xspec Adult Folding Mountain Bike

Another looker makes our list of the best folding mountain bikes, however that is not all the Xspec 26″ folder boasts.

It is also modestly priced and provides exceptional value for money, handling really well off-road despite being made out of cheaper components (relative to the more premium models found on our list).

Read full review

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