Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Speed P8 Review


Design - 84%
Functionality - 84%
Durability - 84%
Mobility - 78%
Price - 88%



Another wonderful folding bike by Dahon. Not the lightest model they have produced, but certainly capable of competing with the best - especially for the price!

User Rating: 2.73 ( 21 votes)

The Dahon Speed P8 is a classic build Dahon folding bike, however this model, as the name suggests, is one of Dahon’s quicker models. The bike itself is designed to be fully functional on a range of different terrains.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”A stunning folding bike that has some exceptional features, it stands out from the crowd in many more ways than one! Another solid addition to the folding bike market by Dahon!” link=”” color=”#960000″ class=”” size=”18″][/pullquote]

The tires on this model (Streetpac) are extremely well made, they offer a truly comfortable ride no matter where you are riding. They are also fairly slim and so the bike really does fly down straights whilst remaining fully maneuverable through sharp turns.

Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike Review

In addition to this, they are particularly puncture resistant, a brilliant feature for any bike to have. Furthermore, the Dahon Speed P8 has a very sturdy aluminium frame that, as with many Dahon folding bikes, doesn’t vibrate much when ridden.

Folding Mechanism

The Dahon Speed P8 is however not only capable of excelling on various different terrains, it also copes extremely well in an urban environment too. It is well suited for long rides throughout to a city due to it being such a comfortable ride. The bike shares the same frame as many other premium Dahon folding bike models, one that is truly revered within the folding bike community and has truly stood the test of time. Along with many of the other top end Dahon models, this folding bike is among the most durable models currently available.

Test Ride

The positive features don’t stop there either, the Dahon Speed P8 folds down extremely quickly too, in less than 15 seconds. It folds down to a relatively small size too, making transporting the bike on buses and trains very easy – a feature that is highly sought after by the majority of folding bike users. The bike isn’t one of the lightest around, by a long shot, however it is definitely manageable and won’t pose too many problems for the majority of users. For the money it is right on point in this respect.


Folded Size: 12.59″ x 31.98″ x 25.84″ (31.8cm x 81.5cm x 66.8cm)

Folded Time: Less than 15 seconds

Weight: 26.9lbs (12.1kg)

Brakes: 110mm WinZup V Brakes

Speeds / Gears: 8

Wheel Size: 20″

Frame Type: Super Lite 4130 K-Series

Chain: KMC Z82

Tires: StreetPac 20.05″ x 1.74″

Gear Shifter: Dahon Twist Shifter (Neos)

Maximum Rider Weight: 229kg (104.5kg)

Best Available Price: $522


Concluding Remarks

Overall I think that the Dahon Speed P8 folding bike is a truly beautiful specimen that won’t disappoint anybody who purchases it. Its gorgeous red frame stands out from the crowd and the bikes specifications aren’t falling short by any significant margin either. A truly comfortable ride that is sturdy, durable and thoroughly reliable. A solid addition to the already strong Dahon range of folding bicycles. Please go ahead and check out my other Dahon folding bike reviews.


 Gorgeous color and design

A thoroughly durable bike

Exceptional in a range of terrains

 Quality build design

Folds down quickly (less than 15 seconds)

A comfortable ride over large distances


 A relatively heavy bike (26.9lbs)

Paint is damaged easily

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