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The Schwinn Run-A-Bout bike was technically not a folding bike since the frame itself did not fold in any way, but we included a page on it after getting countless e-mails regarding its omission.

For this bike, Schwinn took a Stingray frame, added tool-less releases to the handlebars and seat post, used 16″ wheels instead of the 20″, and called it a Run-A-Bout.

Schwinn Run-A-Bout bike 1969
Schwinn Run A Bout Bike from 1969

The only folding part was the handlebars which folded down then the extra-long seat post retracted into the frame making for a more compact bike that would easily fit into a car trunk. When Schwinn introduced the bike in 1968, they didn’t use the term folding bicycle; they used “fold-up bike.”

However, in 1969 they used both terms to describe the bike, but by 1970, the last year of production, the “folding bicycle” moniker had disappeared. Few people still call it the “Run-A-Bout folding bike,” but Schwinn can be blamed for the confusion.

Schwinn only sold the Run-A-Bout for three years – 1968, 1969, and 1970. All models came with a 3-speed Sturmey Archer hub gear, most with a trigger shift on the handlebars.

Only in 1968 was a stick-shift on the frame offered as an option for $5.00 more.

Rumor has it that Schwinn dropped the stick shift after reported injuries it caused. The bike above is a 1969 model with a trigger shift. Following it is catalog scans of each of the model years.

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