Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike Review


Design - 88%
Functionality - 82%
Durability - 95%
Mobility - 83%
Price - 93%



A customizable beauty, Critical Cycles have ensured that they put the rider first in their latest road bike offers!

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Critical Cycles are a brand that I have had my eye on for many years now, they have been experiencing somewhat of a meteoric rise to prominence for the past four or five years and it appears like it will continue long into the future.

The brand are famed for producing hand crafted, fixed gear road bikes that are specifically designed for road bike enthusiasts, people looking to commute to work and for casual riders too.

The beauty of a hand crafted bike is that you know each and every component is not likely to fail, Critical Cycles pride themselves on their strict product quality assessment center and it really does show in all of the bikes I have had a pleasure of reviewing in the past. None of this has changed with the Critical Cycles fixed gear road bike you will be pleased to hear.

Due to the nature of the customization available, you can currently purchase this stunning bike in a wide range of colors (ten currently) and in three sizes too.

The beauty of this custom made bike is that it is truly diverse and is therefore perfectly suited to riders of all shapes and indeed sizes.

“I love the idea of being able to fully customize my bikes and to have such a low price one available with high specifications too is the perfect treat for absolutely anybody!”

Critical Cycles fixed gear single speed road bike is of an urban styled design and is therefore well suited to the city life.

Similarly, due to the amount of colors you can purchase it in, it’s one of the finest unisex bikes that is currently available on the market too.

In terms of specifications, the bike has been hand crafted using steel and so it is definitely one of the most durable road bikes around.

All of the components have been tig welded together to ensure extreme structural strength and to minimize any vibrations caused by bumps in the road.

Furthermore this fixie utilizes a flip-flop hub mechanism and so it is easy to switch between using the bike as a fixed gear bike or as a single speed driver too.

Furthermore, Critical Cycles have made sure that all of the supplementary components have been created by industry leaders such as Protek (crank shaft), KMC (chain), Sunrun (wheels), Shimano (derailleurs), Kenda (tires) and some beautifully styled Well-GO pedals too.

All of this together spells one thing, class. If you want a reliable bike that is certain to get you from A to B without any additional hassle, then the Critical Cycles fixed gear single speed fixie could be perfect for you.

It is for these reasons that this model would make an excellent move for somebody looking to use their road bike on the commute throughout a sprawling city.

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I think that one important thing to note is the fact that while this road bike has been made using steel, it actually only weighs in at only 25 pounds.

This is very surprising to most seasoned riders because steel bikes usually weigh a lot more than aluminum or carbon fiber bikes.

This just simply isn’t the case here and Critical Cycles have done an awesome job of reducing the weight of this stunning bike but maintaining the durability of it.

Some of the other stand out features on offer with the bike are the premium quality 700c wheels by Sunrun, these are an outstanding addition and together with the tires they provide a genuinely awesome ride.

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I really do love this bike, for so many reasons too.

Not only are the components used from a variety of top quality brands, not only is the design truly customizable, but the bike performs amazingly well on the road too.

It really is difficult to find such quality for this price, I mean you can purchase this bike tomorrow for less than three hundred dollars with ease and for that amount of money it really is difficult to beat.

I love all of the extra features on offer here too, the revolutionary flip-flop hub mechanism, the hand welded steel frame that is both lightweight and aerodynamically styled and so much more too.

I think that all of these features combine to produce a road bike that really is suited to almost everybody, from people looking for a bit of fun right through to the seasoned professionals on a strict budget.

It ultimately is really easy for people to just go out there and throw money around, ending up with an expensive bill and not much to show for it. But whenever you come across Critical Cycles you know that it isn’t going to be you doing that.


Brake Style: Dual Pivot
Color: Various
Frame Material: Steel
Bike Weight: 25 lbs
Gear Speeds: 1
Tires: 700c
I wanted to compile some form of highlights for the bike but I quickly realized that I would be here all day listing each of them.
What I think makes this fixed gear single speed road bike stand out above the rest is the fact that it has been built out of specifically selected components that work well together.
It is easy for a manufacturer to build a bike out of components from a range of different manufacturers, but getting all of them to work in perfect harmony is a different issue entirely.

Best Available Price: $145


Concluding Remarks

Many other bikes, that usually cost a lot more than this one, are full of issues including anything from poorly performing gears, brakes, shifters and more.

You only have to look at what brands have been used in this bike and you will quickly see that Critical Cycles meant business when putting this piece of art together.

It is as a result of this that the bike performs so well on the road and to have it retailing at such a low price, it really is jaw dropping to say the very least!



Lightweight steel frame

Customizable size and colors

Fixed gear or single speed


No aerodynamic posture

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