Dahon Ios D9 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Ios D9 Review


Design - 97%
Functionality - 92%
Durability - 90%
Mobility - 91%
Price - 89%



Gorgeous, highly refined and made to last. While the Dahon Ios D9 is a pricey model, it is well worth the investment. This is a truly exceptional folding bike that exceeds all expectations, and it looks the part too - brilliant!

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Where do I even begin with to describe quite how awesome the Dahon Ios D9 is? Dahon have been revolutionizing the folding bike market for well over thirty years now, they haven’t simply stuck with one type of design and stuck with it either. They have perpetually innovated throughout the years and developed new feature after new feature, this hasn’t slowed down by any means either. One important realisation I had that is essential to state is that they rarely fail either, this is certainly not the case with the Dahon Ios D9 either. One of Dahon’s exceptional innovations that they developed a few years back was the flat pak technology, this enabled their bikes to be stored in a very narrow shape with pedals turned inwards. The Dahon Ios D9 further improves this feature, this model folds down to an even smaller size.

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Clearly one of the largest talking points about this premium folding bike is the gorgeous aesthetics it boasts. Dahon have clearly gone to extreme lengths to ensure that this model is one that will effortlessly stand out when out on the road (or off of it for that matter!), its beautiful anodized gold trip is utterly eye-catching. Additionally, while this folding bike is classed as being within Dahon’s recreation collection, it is actually formed out of high performance components that will leave absolutely anybody gob-smacked.

Dahon Ios D9 Folding Bike Review

Firstly, the Ios D9 comes with large 24″ wheels, these are much faster and larger than the typical 20″ wheels associated with folding bicycles. Not only that, these high pressure Kojak tires are also significantly more comfortable to ride on, both on and off-road. Schwalbe have once again done a fantastic job of providing Dahon with some truly exceptional tires that will always provide a smooth ride.

Full Review

The Dahon Ios D9 comes with (yes, you guessed it!) 9 gear speeds, perfect for climbing hills and extremely capable of flying down the flats too. When I say fly, I really do mean it, the Ios D9 is extremely fast for a folding bike. It genuinely doesn’t feel like one when you’re riding it, it effortlessly accelerates wherever you are and on whatever terrain too. This bike is truly dependable, it has been meticulously crafted out of premium quality components that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Not only that, the bike has exceptional braking capacity with some well refined disc brakes and wheels that have an outstanding grip of the road – at all times too. It can be folded away in under 15 seconds, weighs a fair amount (but manageable) and takes up very little space when folded down due to the Dahon exclusive flatpack technology.


Folded Size: 29.9″ x 17.2″ x 34.2″ (75cm x 43cm x 86cm)

Weight: 28.9lbs (13.1kg)

Speeds / Gears: 9

Gear Shifter: 9 Speed, SRAM - Rapid shifting

Wheel Size: 24″

Fork: Lightweight & responsive Dalloy Aluminium

Handlepost: Radius T – patented Fusion & V-Clamp technology (35mm dual clamp offset)

Rims: Aluminium

Hubs: 28 hole – front & rear

Frame Type: Hydroformed Dalloy Aluminium (with forged lattice hinge & V-Clamp technology)

Brakes: Mech disc – 160/160 rotors

Max Rider Weight: 220lbs (100kg)

Best Available Price: $1099


Concluding Remarks

I can’t sing this folding bikes praises enough, the Dahon Ios D9 isn’t just a pretty face, it is so much more. The performance derived from this bike is truly exceptional and it stands as one of the best multifunctional folding bikes around to this day. Dahon have done it once again! Read some of my other Dahon folding bike reviews today.


 Extremely well built bike

 Rust resistant frame

 Aesthetically appealing

 Comfortable to ride over large distances

9 high performance gears to facilitate rapid hill climbing

Easily adjustable components

Rapid folding motion (under 15 seconds)

Folds down to a truly minimal size


 Fairly expensive, but worth it in our eyes!

24″ wheels are slightly more bulky than the typical 20″ tires

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