Dahon MU Uno Folding Bike Review

Dahon MU Uno Review


Design - 96%
Functionality - 96%
Durability - 94%
Mobility - 94%
Price - 93%



Without doubt one of the finest folding bikes currently available across the world. The Dahon MU Uno is an exceptional bike that genuinely excels in every single aspect.

User Rating: 2.12 ( 499 votes)
This Dahon MU Uno review thoroughly outlines why we here at folding bike guy feel that this bike is one of the best folding bikes currently available across the world. The Dahon MU Uno is the more refined version of the Dahon Speed Uno, it is more expensive but boasts far more than its predecessor. Not only that, it is also one of the lightest folding bicycles that is currently available for such an affordable price.

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Simplicity is what initially comes across when you see one of these sleekly styled folding bikes. Perfectly suited for somebody who requires a low maintenance but high performance folding bike. The Dahon MU Uno comes complete with a single brake, however many choose to disassemble this and solely rely on the rear coaster break.

What is the best folding bike? Currently the Dahon Mu Uno is rank #1 in our detailed list of all the Best Folding Bike Reviews.

In doing so, all of the clunky break cables will be gone. Additionally, as the bike is a single gear setup there are also no gear shifter cables either, this further adds to the aesthetic appeal of this magnificent folding bike.

Dahon MU Uno Folding Bike Review

To top all of that off, the MU Uno weighs far less than the majority of other folding bikes on the market. No matter where you look, you will find it incredibly difficult to find a bike that weighs in at 22lbs for the same price.

Folding Mechanism


Weight wise the Dahon MU Uno really is quite impressive. Any typical folding bike that is not renowned for its weight will weigh anywhere between 27-35lbs. This 22lb folding bike is therefore considerably lighter than most other folding bikes and so makes transporting it around a lot easier. The bike can be folded away in less than 10 seconds and when it is completely retracted the bike is held firmly together by strong magnets. If you are after a small folding bike that is not going to get in the way when it is not being used then look no further. The Dahon MU Uno is significantly smaller than the already tiny other Dahon models – what else could you require?

Test Ride


Aesthetically the MU Uno looks exceptionally appealing, it has a gorgeously curved frame and comes complete with a matte finish that is guaranteed to be the envy of everyone. The bike looks very modern and its minimalistic looks are truly timeless. For those that are concerned about using the rear coaster breaks, rest assured, these are extremely easy to get used to and soon enough you will find that there is little use for the front break. 


Folded Size: 10.1″ x 30.6″ x 25.8″ (25.9cm x 77.9cm x 65.9cm)

Folded Time: Less than 10 seconds

Weight: 21.9lbs (9.6kg)

Brakes: Front break & rear caliper

Speeds / Gears: 1 (single speed) – 57″

Wheel Size: 20″

Frame Type: KM Series, 7005 Alloy, ViseGrip technology

Max Rider Weight: 230lbs (105kg)

Best Available Price: $575


Concluding Remarks

To conclude this review; the Dahon MU Uno offers a relatively affordable but high end folding bike that is truly capable of competing with bikes costing multiple thousands of dollars. Its single gear design means that little maintenance will ever be required with this bike, it is very fast on the flat and can tackle hills with ease. It is almost impossible to find a folding bike that has all of these features for such a low price point, the Dahon MU Uno genuinely is one of the best folding bikes I have ever got my hands on. Please click here to read more customer reviews of the outstanding Dahon MU Uno today. Check out my other Dahon folding bike reviews.


Exceptionally durable design

 Entirely rust resistant

 Minimalistic and timeless design

 Extremely lightweight (22lbs)

Efficient single gear system for flats and hills

 Beautiful matte paint

 Front break and rear caliper break

 Rapidly folded in less than 10 seconds

Small folded size with magnetic hold


No mud guard included

 Paint can be damaged relatively easily

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