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Nashbar AL-1 Road Bike Review

Nashbar have been making huge waves within the road bike community in recent years, in actual fact,…


Design - 84%
Functionality - 82%
Durability - 81%
Mobility - 82%
Price - 80%



Good value for your money, a well built bike that will last for years - perfect for the seasoned road bike rider.

User Rating: 2.95 ( 15 votes)

Nashbar have been making huge waves within the road bike community in recent years, in actual fact, they have produced some of the most popular road bike models since 2010. The Nashbar AL-1 is no exception to this notion, it is once again another bike that is built using the finest components available to manufacturers. This is something that as a brand Nashbar are extremely proud of, and it reflects in the reviews of all of their popular bikes and bike related products. There has been a definite upward trajectory in the number of Nashbar sales in the past five or so years and this does not look like it’s going to be stopping any time soon either.

I have always been a massive fan of Nashbar and all of their bikes, this certainly has not changed today with the AL-1. A beautiful bike that is reliable and performs incredibly well on the road too!

One thing that I am frequently asked as an expert in the road bike niche is, what type of Nashbar road bike would you personally recommend? There is an awful lot of models to choose between and the AL-1 is always, for me, at the top of my list. The Nashbar AL-1 is generally regarded as being one of the better models they produce and it can be attained for a very reasonable price too. The main features that the AL-1 offers riders is a brilliantly constructed frame, fork and generally overarching structure too. This is a bike that is made to be rode regularly and by a rider that demands comfort for the duration of his travels, long or short. The initial marketing program behind the Nashbar AL-1 was focused upon relaying just how comfortable it is, whilst still providing an outstanding performance too.

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The other striking thing I found about the AL-1 was its price, while it is certainly not the cheapest road bike on the market at this time, it is very, very affordable. In times of hardship, people are continually looking for ways that they can get better value for their money and the AL-1 offers just that. Priced at just over five hundred dollars, it’s hard to not consider Nashbar’s latest offering – whatever your budget. Who do I personally see riding this model? The AL-1 for me is for a seasoned rider that is ready to spend a little extra, rather than simply go for a two hundred dollar entry level bike. Ultimately, this bike offers you exactly what you’d expect for the money, it is genuinely just better than most budget bikes you will find in almost every department too.

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Test Ride

The bike is predominantly formed out of aluminum and aluminum alloys, this is the chief reason for why it is so sturdy on the road and why it can be such a comfortable ride – whatever the weather. Energy expended whilst frantically pedaling is transferred onto the road with ease and so it is extremely maneuverable too. One consideration that I always make when I try a bike out is how lightweight it is, the last thing that anybody wants when they buy a new bike is difficulty taking it from A to B. While this is fairly common with cheaper and less refined models, the Nashbar AL-1 does not fall into this category whatsoever. Its aluminum frame does a perfect job of keeping the weight down and therefore it ensures it is maneuverable both on and off the road. One additional note on the frame of the AL-1 is that it is very high quality aluminum that is durable and scratch resistant, another positive is therefore that it will maintain its stunning aesthetics over time too.


Brake Style: Dual Pivot
Color: Gray
Frame Material: Aluminum
Bike Weight: 29 lbs
Gear Speeds: 27
Tires: 700c
Nashbar included a carbon based fork on this particular bike, this provides a very lightweight but strong and durable joint that does a brilliant job at reducing shock on unstable road. Similarly, the gearing system of the bike is very well too, it is – like many of its counterparts – produced by Shimano and as a result it’s fairly safe to say that these are reliable parts. Nashbar have given the AL-1 27 different gear speeds and so the bike is more than capable of tackling the flat straights and the steep climbs too. There are both front and rear derailleurs and a beautiful 9 gear speed crank-set too, the bike shifts with ease too by the way. Another fantastic feature of this bike is the fact that Nashbar have put a set of premium Vittoria Zaffiro 700c tires on it, these are incredible durable and are regarded worldwide as being some of the finest tires available for road bikes at this price point. To add to this, the braking system of the Nashbar AL-1 is also very premium, it comes with a set of pivot brakes that are very sharp, facilitating rapid stopping force.

Best Available Price: $549


Concluding Remarks

Overall, as you can all tell, I was very impressed with the AL-1 and think that it is an outstanding road bike. There were very few negatives to take away, I think that the main disadvantage for me is that for slightly more money you can buy better quality. But if you have your heart set on this bike, do not be disappointed as it shines brightly in almost every single scenario imaginable. A truly quality road bike by Nashbar, once again.


 Good price

Stunning design

Lightweight build

Aluminum structure

 27 quick shift gears


 Poor pedals

 Loose handle grips

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