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Nashbar Carbon 105 Road Bike Review

Over the years I have reviewed an awful lot of road bikes and can honestly say that…


Design - 82%
Functionality - 82%
Durability - 84%
Mobility - 90%
Price - 90%



A fantastic carbon fiber framed bike that is truly affordable for the masses too - this road bike is certainly one to beat for all of the big brands.

User Rating: 2.17 ( 125 votes)

Over the years I have reviewed an awful lot of road bikes and can honestly say that my favorites have always been crafted out of carbon fiber. This revolutionary material has completely changed road cycling for the better and it will forever and always be the preferred material for anybody picking out a bike for the future. Carbon fiber bikes have it all, they are super strong, brilliant at absorbing any shocks, they weigh very little and they handle absolutely wonderfully too – this is the super material of the bike world after all. Anyway, if you are reading this then you will be well aware of all of the above, but the key piece of information to take away from this is that Nashbar have created their latest bike using it. The Nashbar Carbon 105 road bike is a premium road bike that is crafted almost entirely out of high quality, solid carbon fiber.

The Nashbar Carbon 105 is a gorgeous black carbon fiber road bike, it's affordable and has fair high specifications too!

The biggest selling point of the Nashbar Carbon 105 road bike is the fact that, obviously, it is made out of carbon fiber and secondly that it is affordable too. Most carbon fiber framed bikes cost way more than your average person would be willing to spend. However this is definitely not the case here, Nashbar have set the bar for the future very high with this affordable model and the bigger brands are going to have a lot of catching up to do in the pricing department. This bike would be perfect for anybody who is a keen cycling, who gets out on the road daily and has had a road bike previously – at this point many are keen to purchase a slightly more premium model and splash a little bit of extra cash for a top quality bike. The beauty of the Nashbar Carbon 105 is that you don’t really have to spend that much extra to get it, yes, it still is a premium priced bike relative to the bikes that cost around two to three hundred dollars. However, this bike is leaps and bounds ahead of these cheap entry level bikes and it is certainly worth the extra money too. Not only is the frame made of carbon fiber, it is one of the best made and lightest frames of its kind too.

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The Carbon 105 does not only boast the frame as its stand out features, the rest of the bike is excelling in many facets too. Firstly, the ride quality is outstanding, it doesn’t feel like you are riding a bike at all when you’re on the tarmac. The frame effortlessly absorbs all vibrations and you really do feel like you are floating on air at times. The transition from an aluminum frame to a carbon fiber frame makes a massive difference that absolutely everyone will notice at first. Secondly, the drive train on this model is amazing too – and having a good quality drivetrain on your bike makes you spend less energy to get to where you need to be. Obviously there are also other factors that weigh in, but this is one of the most fundamental in my eyes. To add to this, the gear shifter works extremely well in parallel with the front and rear derailleurs, further adding to the blissful ride that you already have with Nashbar’s premium model. Another thing that I really do love about this bike is the fact that when you switch gears, it immediately switches, there is no delay like there are on the cheap models out there. Nashbar have done a fantastic job with the Carbon 105 in this regard.

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Test Ride

Quite simply, when you are on the Nashbar Carbon 105, you simply fly down the roads. To add to that, the large number of gears present on the bike make hills extremely easy to climb up too. The wheels and gearing on this road bike are created by the legendary Shimano so if you are worried about them being low quality, think again.


Brake Style: Pivot
Color: Black
Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
Bike Weight: 19 lbs
Gear Speeds: 11
Tires: 700c
It seems Nashbar really have aimed for perfection with this bike and they have got pretty close too. Similarly, the wheels on the bike are very high quality, they are shock resistant and are – as marketed by Nashbar themselves – “super lightweight”. Not only that, but the wheels are very thin and are quick on the road, and that is what we all care about, right?

Best Available Price: $1,199


Concluding Remarks

If you are searching for a well priced carbon fiber based road bike then the Nashbar Carbon 105 has to make your list when it comes to final comparisons. It looks amazing, it feels amazing and it really, really is amazing too. I can’t highly recommend this bike enough, if you can afford it then I would definitely say you should consider it.


 Quality carbon fiber frame

 Sleek black design

 Extremely lightweight model


 Only 11 gear speeds

Minimal configuration settings

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